Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Kamto's ultimatum: a speech preparing by Paul Biya on the way

Confined in his palace in Mvomeka to believe the newspaper Jeune Afrique, it is because of the empty coffers of the state that Paul Biya would not have addressed the populations yet on the pandemic of the corona virus.

Since the outbreak of the health crisis following the corona virus, the entire planet has been mobilized against the pandemic. The leaders are in the oven and in the mill, some going as far as the most unimaginable compromises. Donald Trump agreed to be delivered by Russian companies being under the influence of American sanctions, worse, he begged China to come and help his country. As Europeans celebrate medical assistance from Cuba, China has become the factory of protective masks saving the entire planet. Ali Bongo despite his convalescence not only coordinates the activities, he has made several public outings to reassure his people. 

More than 650 infected with corona virus, and a dozen dead, Cameroon occupies the head of the countries with the highest frequency of spread in the world. Worse, the attitude of members of the government does not reassure people about the danger of the pandemic. Where did Paul Biya go? 

The pandemic is causing economic damage, the containment of populations having a huge blow. Leaders around the world are taking steps to reduce the bills of confined populations. In Cameroon, nothing is done, the country is trapped in its non-productive investments which have drained the coffers of the state. Oil revenues fall by half, the 2020 finance law being amended. Confined to his residence in Mvomeka according to Jeune Afrique, Paul Biya had nothing to offer the people as support measures, hence his strategy decried by Maurice Kamto on the announcement of his death: "I can only dismiss Mr. BIYA attempts a political maneuver in which he is customary: let spread the rumor of his own death to try to test the reaction of the Cameroonians in order to return to display his physical form and taunt his compatriots; »Maurice Kamto.

PAUL Biya in his calculations to stay in power would be in a strategy to cut the grass under the feet of Maurice Kamto. The latter having challenged him to take responsibility, has set up an assistance plan which will be funded by the people. 

After several failures on two bond loans on the sub-regional financial market, Paul Biya is trying everything for everything, he has launched a new attempt which this time will not be limited to the sub-region, he hopes to raise 220 billion FCFA this Thursday. This money if it succeeds will allow him to finance some of the initiatives reacting quite simply to the pressure exerted by Maurice Kamto. 

By appearing before the end of the week, he hopes to be celebrated by his courtiers and, once again, to gain time. Only, beyond the health crisis, there is worse to come, the economic crisis.