Sunday, April 5, 2020

Kamto's statement: Fame Ndongo exposes the bitter lies of Maurice Kamto

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo is not the recipient of recent statements by Professor Maurice Kamto. But, as in a football match, the one who presents himself as "the creature" of the Head of State, marks in his pants the main opponent of the regime of Paul Biya.

This Saturday, April 4, 2020, Jacques Fame Ndongo, Secretary of Communication of the CPDM, the ruling party, published on three pages, a new text entitled "Maurice Kamto and the Cameroonian people: a loving spite". 

The member of the government thus responds to Maurice Kamto, the president of the MRC. The latter published the day before, a declaration in which he invited the Cameroonians to self-organize in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic after having noted "the failure of Mr. Paul Biya as President of the Republic". 

Prick the quick, Jacques Fame Ndongo, who presents himself as a creature of Paul Biya, has published the text below in response: 





YaoundĂ©, April 04, 2020 


The Secretary of Communication of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People notes, with amazement, that Mr. Maurice Kamto, president-elect of the .... MRC persists in the phantasmagoria . 

Yesterday (April 3, 2020), he published a “Declaration on the failure of Mr. Paul BIYA, President de facto of the Republic of Cameroon”.

He amplified this logorrhea at the UN, the African Union, the European Parliament, the USA, France, Great Britain, Canada, Israel). 

So that everyone is aware of it, the CPDM Secretary of Communication reveals the obvious contradictions and picaresque nonsense of this "Declaration" which obviously constitutes, after that of March 27, 2020, a second sword in the 'water. 

1- Ultimatum not applicable

The injunctions of an ordinary citizen, without a popular mandate, against the Head of State of Cameroon, HE Paul BIYA, are both idle and superfluous. On March 27, 2020, Mr. Maurice Kamto, president-elect of ... MRC gave Mr. President of the Republic (legal and legitimate) seven days to speak on COVID-19 (probably by audiovisual channel, then that many channels can be used in the era of cybernetics). His myopia, even his political blindness prevent him from seeing the obvious: the battle plan of President Paul BIYA against COVID-19 is visible and intelligible in fivefold health, administrative, economic, social and communication. Seven days after Mr. Kamto's scathing failure (the people did not comply with his ultimatum of March 27, 2020), he delivered this worn and smelly disc: yesterday (April 3, 2020), he gave the Head of State seven days to administer "physical proof that it is he who is in charge of the State". Otherwise, he will ask the people to "take charge of their own destiny". 

In six days (April 10, 2020), he will emerge from his wandering imagination another incredible dream. 

And the people will say, once again, no, because they trust President Paul BIYA whom he democratically re-elected in October 2018. His injunctions will therefore be vain and grotesque, like those of March 27 and April 3, 2020. They are and will always be "not applicable" (expression now consecrated. Paul BIYA dixit). 

2- Who notices the "failure"? 

Maurice Kamto teaches law in universities. Lecturer, he knowingly transgresses the principles of Constitutional Law. He peremptorily claims to establish a finding of "failure of the President de facto of the Republic of Cameroon", while this prerogative falls to the Constitutional Council. Has he lost the right as others lose Latin? Cameroonians to deduct (and not to induction or reasoning by analogy as does the president-elect of ... MRC). 

3- President Paul BIYA's battle plan against COVID-19 is effective and appreciated by all 

President Paul BIYA does not perish. It does not gloss. He never gestures. He acts, he directs, he decides. His battle plan against COVID-19 is known to all, inside and outside the national territory. This plan attracts everyone's support. Kamto's logorrhea adds nothing to the Biyan Battle Plan. What is more, it is uninteresting and inaudible. It's a wet firecracker. This is why the people whom he begs and whose eyes he seeks and watches, turns away from him. What a gooey love spite!

4- What's new? 

What's up ? Mr. Kamto finally recognizes that he is not the elected president of ... NOTHING; on March 27, 2020, his subconscious led him to recognize that he is the president-elect ”... of the MRC. The paratext or the header of his "Declaration" was marked "Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon; but, on April 3, 2020, his "Declaration" has no paratext (neither MRC, nor what would be a constitutional barbarism, Republic of Cameroon, Peace. Work - Fatherland). It is therefore clear that Mr. Kamto has resolved to recognize, urbi et orbi, that he is not the elected president of NOTHING. His "obsessive metaphor" (to borrow from the lexicon of Charles Mauron) therefore brings him into the precipice of nothingness. 

What's up ? We can also note an “orthographic innovation” “FUND”, without the consonant “s”, on page 4, point 9 of its Sisyphian imprecations: without “s”, this noun means well the “precipice” or even nothingness that we mentioned earlier. But, in fact, it is the “fondues” (in Latin) which has a pecuniary connotation. Writing "funds" without "s" (with, semantically, a financial denomination) is a "SEVERE FAILURE" lexical that the average reader can see. Ditto for the adverbial phrase "a fortiori" (P. 6, line 20). It is written without serious accent on the vowel "a". And what about this syntactic "innovation" ("I feel the duty to challenge, to propose ... the Cameroonian people"? (P1, line 10) where the one who wrote the "Declaration" mixes a verb that requires a complement of direct object and another which induces a complement of indirect object? If there are audacious innovations in the "Declaration" of April 3, 2020, they are therefore lexical and syntactic. But, it is obviously a matter of incongruities and linguistic flaws that we will soon attribute to the secretary or the computer graphics designer. 

5- No to usurpation 

Cameroon is an organized state. President Paul BIYA's response strategy against COVID-19 is holistic. It brings together all state, social and civil segments. It is also carried out in conjunction with our bilateral and multilateral partners who appreciate and support it. It is headed by the Head of State, HE Paul BIYA. It is coordinated, under His Very High Authority, by the Prime Minister, Head of Government (Chief Dr Joseph DION NGUTE) and it is followed by the government at the central level) and the administrative authorities at regional, departmental and regional levels. district, including by administrative auxiliaries, namely traditional chiefs). The whole Nation is mobilized, in all essential areas. VS' is a collective work that requires the support and multifaceted contribution of each person of good will. Burlesque incantations are not on the agenda. Now is the time for action. And, no one has the right to arrogate, by usurpation, the power to question the legality, the legitimacy and the functionality of the President of the Republic, under the fallacious pretext that he “does not see or that 'he hardly "hears" it, while the Head of State fully assumes his responsibilities, in accordance with the mandate he has received from the free Cameroonian people, sovereign and master of his destiny. 

The Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee, Mr. Jean NkuetĂ© will shortly publish a press release to clarify, solemnly and officially, the position of the CPDM on the absurd allegations of Mr. Maurice Kamto, in order to reassure public opinion and to mobilize activists, sympathizers, friends and supporters of the CPDM, and even the whole Cameroonian people behind President Paul BIYA, in this period of sanitary and planetary calamity and in light of certain childish attempts to recover from a tragedy which shakes the majority of countries across five continents. Meanwhile, an "elected President" delights in the lisp. 


Member of the Political Bureau, 

Communication secretary of 

the CPDM Central Committee 

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