Friday, April 10, 2020

Kamto's relief funds: Atanga Nji threatens Afriland First Bank

The Minister of Territorial Administration has just sent a letter to this effect to the Director General of Afriland first bank.

After the press release he produced on private initiatives to raise money to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, Paul Atanga Nji the Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat) has just raised his voice. The Minat wrote a correspondence of which we had a copy. 

This correspondence addressed to the Managing Director of Afriland first bank, contains a request which hardly surprises. Atanga Nji wants this banking establishment whose owner is Paul Kammogne, to close the bank accounts opened by political leaders, to collect the funds intended for the Covid-19. In correspondence which has the mark “urgent” the Minat indicates that the request also concerns the associations at the base of any fundraising operation for the Coronavirus. 

To better understand this exit from Paul Atanga Nji, it should be recalled that Maurice Kamto and his allies like Christian Penda Ekoka, Albert Dzongang are at the base of a fundraising operation to help, say they, to populations affected by Coronavirus. The operation in question was named “Survie Cameroun-Survival Cameroon”. Having taken cognizance of this collection, the Minat has instructed that it ceases because the calls for generosity in Cameroon in crisis and disaster situations are governed by law N ° 83/002 of July 21, 1983 and the decree of August 14 1985.

In the opinion of certain political analysts, like Me Christian Bomo Ntimbane, the law does not hold when it comes to saving lives. 

"In a situation of proven risk of death which we call in law of necessity, nobody is more obliged to respect the law to save themselves. We ignore it. In this case we break the less important law to avoid a situation irremediable or with irreversible consequences on life. Covid-19 has been recognized by the WHO as a threat, a danger for Africa including Cameroon. Therefore, all measures even in violation of the law that a citizen would take to escape from death are de facto and de jure permitted by law, "he wrote.