Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Kamto's illness rumours, taunt of Ernest Obama: here is all you need to know

The Cameroonian web raised this morning April 14 by the announcement of the contamination of the coronavirus, Maurice Kamto, leader of the MRC, interned at the CNPS hospital in Yaoundé.

News that caused a stir and was mocked by critics of the MRC party and its leaders. Ernest Obama of Vision 4 which is no longer to be presented during the program Tour d'Horizon as usual, is delighted with the news which is not yet confirmed or denied by the relatives or the party of Kamto. 

"there is a very sick man in the hospital, we will talk about it," he threw at his colleagues around the "kongossa" table, alluding to the unsuccessful candidate for the 2018 presidential election. afrinews.pro

But the accident Boris Bertolt denied this information and notes that Maurice Kamto is doing very well. "Any contrary information comes from the fertile imagination of a group of unemployed people in search of landmarks and social visibility. Nothing is finished until it is finished," he said on his facebook page.

Source: camerounweb.com