Friday, April 17, 2020

Justice: Cameroonian activist Marcel Tchangue to appear in court on May 12 in Brussels

The activist, founding member of the CODE (Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians in the Diaspora, editor's note) is the subject of a complaint filed in Belgium by the Cameroonian authorities who accuse him of his alleged involvement in the attack on the Cameroonian Embassy in Brussels on January 26, 2019. Marcel Tchangue, since this is him, will be facing the judge on Tuesday May 12, 2020 at 9 am at the Palace of Justice in Brussels.

This complaint by Mr. Daniel Evina Abe'e, the ambassador "of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Belgium, located at 1190 Brussels, Avenue Brugmann, 131/133 B", is in the wake of the fracture of the window of the Cameroonian embassy in Belgium on January 26, during the "anger" marches organized within the Cameroonian fighting diaspora. Mr. Tchangue Marcel is notably accused of "Destruction of real estate (art.521 and sc.pén), all other offenses that Your instruction will reveal)"

Indeed, on January 26, 2019, demonstrations were organized in front of certain embassies of the Republic of Cameroon. "In Brussels, on the night of Saturday January 26, 2019, a dozen hooded individuals tried to break into the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon", can we in the complaint from the Embassy of Cameroon. 

Later in this complaint, the Cameroonian embassy claims that the demonstrators were "armed with various objects and tried to force open the front door, of which they broke the window and damaged the lock." Also according to this complaint from the Cameroonian embassy, ​​the "group was led by an uncoated individual who was formally recognized by the janitor of the embassy. 

In this complaint, a copy of which we were able to obtain from the registers of the Brussels Court of First Instance, the Cameroonian embassy in Brussels provisionally lists suspects like:

"Djanmou Tchantie Franc, Kamga Platini, Kwetche Tatientse Serge, Sohneba Boniface, Tchoko Siewe Adolphe, Tchoumetio Gustave, Tipoh Simon Bafond, Ngalieu Frida, Kameni Josette, Mbatyoumen Béatrice, Kameni Kwekam Tchikango, NDieunang Nakong Gust Djakam Bouende Carlos." 

Several of these aforementioned people who have already been heard by the local police justify their anger in the broken window of the Cameroon embassy in Belgium by the disproportion in the repression of the White Marches of January 26, 2019 by the Cameroonian police. 

The various hearings have so far been transformed into a real trial on the obstacles to various human rights in Cameroon as the CODE (Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians of the Diaspora) had already pointed out to us in the report of hearing of one of its executives "Unable to do without the current critical situation in Cameroon, our members interviewed did not skimp on the means to transform the hearings into a real presentation on the current situation in Cameroon. We have tabled hundreds of images of atrocities in Cameroon to justify the anger of Cameroonians have been reported to the Belgian authorities (...) Several other cases of human rights violations in Cameroon have been raised " 

This complaint from Mr. Daniel Evina Abe'e, the ambassador "of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Belgium" has the advantage of starting, where it should have been from the start, and will ultimately make it possible to determine who from Marcel Tchangue or other accused or even all other persons are criminally responsible for the broken glass of the Cameroonian embassy in Belgium? Case to follow…