Sunday, April 19, 2020

Inside the Cabal: bloody war of nomination between Ngoh NGoh and Mbarga Nguele

Things get more complicated for the police. The latest news is a merciless war between Ferdinand Ngoh NGoh and Martin Mbarga Nguele for strategic positions of national security blocks the appointment of the police.

Proposals for appointment arrived more than 7 times on the table of the SG / PR who always returned these texts to its sender arguing that the choices of the SGPR at certain positions were not respected. 

Refusing to forcefully pass the text after replacing the people proposed by the DGSN as he often does elsewhere, Ngoh Ngoh always opted to return the text to him for corrections. The DGSN in turn refuses to have the law dictated by the one he considers to be a "child".

The SGPR has sworn that a police movement will not pass until it has obtained the head of Mbarga Nguele who does not want to comply with his orders, including on other files.