Saturday, April 18, 2020

'I propose that Paul Biya speak on Sunday in place of Christophe Gilhou' Wilfried Ekanga

The President of the Republic of Cameroon


Now, I would like Paul Biya to speak in front of his compatriots 

What am I saying ... he has the OBLIGATION to do so. It is the minimum in times of crisis. This is what all of its neighbors and all the presidents of the world have done. 

And it wasn't because they were stupid. He is not the only "old sage" on Earth. 

When a plague threatens a country, the public speaking of the chief makes it possible to boost the morale of the troops, to reinvigorate the medical personnel who is on the front line, and to strengthen the sick on their hospital bed in the hope for a quick recovery. 

It is a psychological fuel. It's called MORAL SUPPORT. 

This kind of evidence does not even debate. This is the BA BA of political communication 

If the Western leaders had not expressed themselves, if they had not come down on the ground and had not encouraged their people to stand firm in these difficult times and to apply Once the measures have been examined, do you say that the balance sheet would be much higher than it is already today.

It would not be 30,000 dead in Italy, but 300,000. 

Because a ship whose captain is absent or nonchalant is condemned to sinking. It is inevitable. 

So stop saying silly, "Where the leaders have spoken, has that changed anything?" 

Do not encourage laziness. 

And stop finding reasons for the contempt you suffer. 

Biya's silence did not prevent Cameroon from crossing the 1000 cases and joining the African top 5 of contaminated countries (2nd in black Africa). 

Translation: nothing says that we will be spared in the medium term, on the contrary, the curve is rising. 

So use your brain; and if you lost it, keep quiet until June 1.

Remember that it is because of their great negligence at the outset that Europe and the USA are so affected today. The same will happen to those who display the same lethargy.

Exactly like Cameroon at the moment, where you can hear yourself drinking after 6 pm behind the doors of closed bars (already that the virus does not wait until 6 pm) 

Without counting the mass of illuminated people who even think that Covid-19 does not exist. 

So your Zeus must confirm it for you so that you finally take it seriously; so even I agree that it is for you. A televised and solemn address. 

It is however not complicated. It is the function that demands it. 

You cannot disappear 36 days to your people and suddenly reappear in a chat with a Frenchman. It is a political aberration. It's childish and disrespectful 

Macron does not receive Cameroonians at the Élysée at the moment: he talks to his compatriots. It is his only priority. 

You screamed in genius because your president was spotted on a sofa chatting with a Frenchman, after a month of invisibility. You were jubilant like a girl excited to see her lover again, when when we were looking for him, you asked "Why are you looking for him?" 

I come to tell you here that we forgive you from the bottom of my heart, because it is not today that we discover that witchcraft is Cameroonian. 

Is ! 

It therefore seems that after his historic, magical, original and orgasmic meeting with Paul Biya, Christophe Gilhou will speak this Sunday on national television ... Basically, a Caucasian will come to explain Cameroon to Cameroonians in Cameroon and this in Cameroon ! ... 

am I the only one that bothers? 

Where did your steps go in front of the French Embassy to say no to French interference? Is lofombo out of stock? 

Why not Chad? Why not Gabon? Or Nigeria? (Our neighbours ). Why a French diplomat? Why always the colonist? 

What does the confession tell you: "I am the best student in France" in the light of recent events? 

And what does the mentality of the house slave inspire in your own attitudes?


The opposition is a force for proposal: so to bury the hatchet, I propose that Paul Biya speak on Sunday instead of Christophe Gilhou. You don't have any problem, I hope? 

I repeat: it is the requirement of function. A chef is at the front, not on the couch. 

I know that usually your only logic is collective wamakoulism. Make a little effort to think as adults for once. 

Because Christophe Gilhou is not Cameroonian; I dare believe that he was not elected by you; Yaoundé is not a Parisian suburb and Cameroon is not France; but above all, no French would sit down to listen to a Cameroonian ambassador on TF1. Besides TF1 currently has better things to do than invite Mister Nguini on its set at the moment. 

(Besides, he will never even go there!) 


Journalist: Wilfried Ekanga