Saturday, April 4, 2020

Human scandal: the real plans of Biya and the RDPC against Corona finally exposed

The West, through the American ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, has taken decisive action and warned the young Paul Biya, 87, of the dangers that the coronavirus represents for people of his age. He advised the Yaoundé regime to adopt a firmer and more rigid response to the pandemic. Biya was immediately dispatched to Mvomeka'a and since then, we have not heard from the French head of state in Cameroon.

Minister of Biya, Grégoire Owona, and high-ranking members of parliament are said to have mixed with the President of the National Assembly, Cavaye Djibril, whose well-placed source revealed that he had contracted the coronavirus in a hospital in France . Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that many ruling CPDM deputies who met with the Honorable Cavaye Djibril have isolated themselves to raise questions about President Biya's health statement after a meeting with Minister Grégoire Owona who had met the President of the National Assembly, Cavaye Djibril, in front of the cameras after his re-election. 

Parliamentarians and members of the so-called Senate Chamber met in Yaoundé but it was President Biya, from his isolated fortress of Mvomeka'a, who announced the government's solidarity fund to fight the spread of the virus. The CPDM plan made public by Prime Minister Dion Ngute did not take into account Cameroonians forced to quit their jobs and livelihoods because of the virus. 

The Cameroonian government plan also does not provide means to intensify social distancing strategies to fight the virus. Thousands of people are busy with their daily activities and in rural areas; large gatherings are still on the agenda, which makes the coronavirus pandemic pass for a joke and especially for a sino-american and european affair. 

While the total number of confirmed cases in Cameroon stands at 509, the CPDM regime, without an aggressive plan and with a failing public health system, has brought its hat to the World Health Organization. Biya and his crime syndicate RDPC do not want anything, not even the measure of social distancing which has been very successful in European countries such as Ireland and Germany. We of the Cameroon Concord News Group can now reveal that Biya-CPDM's strategy is no longer to contain the spread of the coronavirus but to spread its spread in Cameroon and collect millions of US dollars from the World Organization for health and other Cameroonian donors. 

So far, the Minister of Communication, who is not himself in the inner circle of President Biya, has carefully regulated the flow of information on Biya's health to the Cameroonian public. People across the country are now focusing on what could happen if Biya dies rather than the deadly coronavirus. The situation in Cameroon was made more difficult by the arrival of French soldiers from Gabon.

Cameroon Intelligence Report has not yet confirmed this latest French deployment to Cameroon, but what we do know is that the Prime Minister and Head of Government is still pursuing a French-speaking policy in southern Cameroon and recently appointed Minister Paul Tasong and Njong Donatus as national coordinator and deputy national coordinator of the presidential plan for the reconstruction and development of the North West and South West regions. 

Cameroonian government officials avoided any situation highlighting the health of President Biya and the coronavirus, and continued to exercise discretion over the dangers of Biya's death for eternity. Biya cannot fly abroad and does not plan to be tested by a Cameroonian doctor. He is very frail and it seems that those who claim to be the guards of power in Yaoundé are taking steps in advance to ensure a smooth transition and continuity with the status quo. 

Today, however, some Cameroonian political commentators are calling on the regime's barons to change course - from begging and borrowing to support the regime and contain the coronavirus when meeting the Ambazonian leader, President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe in a forum transparent and to discuss the future of British and French Cameroon.. But the alarm has been palpable in Etoudi since Biya began its process of self-isolation in Mvomeka'a. The coronavirus is already having a significant impact on the Cameroonian economy, which is now without support from the oil and gas sector. For 37 years at the head of the State, Biya has done nothing to keep Cameroon and its people in good health and financial security. 

As a result, the coronavirus is slowly but surely signaling the end of Mr. Biya - a monstrous responsibility of a head of state and a political disaster that has lasted for decades.