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Homosexuality: the secret pact between Ahidjo and Biya "Revelations"

According to Paul Biya's "Boyfriend", Ebale Angounou, author of the booklet Sang pour Sang, the secret pact between Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya is a homosexual sexual relationship. So that if the beneficiary of the measure comes to betray or violate the foundations of this pact, he will die. He would like to resign from his office as President of the Republic.

But it is not easy to give up power absolutely, after having exercised it for almost a quarter of a century, in a totalitarian way. There is always someone who forces you to come back. So it came to him to get a guarantee; someone he would leave in his place, and manipulate as he pleased, so that through this person, he would continue to exercise power, considering that he would have just physically withdrawn. 

It is that he must have serious reasons for resigning, because obviously, nothing forces him there. However, there seemed to be an emergency. Certainly, here and there, we talk about health reasons. 

But President Ahidjo is a man of solemnity, a man of suspense, events. He likes to surprise, and knows how to give it a special character. It would have been easy for him to position a completely different successor, by appointing a new Prime Minister, and then resign. According to the mechanisms of the Constitution, the new Prime Minister who would succeed the head of the State. 

Between the President and his successor, something very deep happened: a pact. Because Ahidjo wanted to secure Biya's loyalty. Ahidjo was a Freemason. And Paul Biya had been recommended to him by Louis Paul Aujoulat. This godfather of Paul Biya was himself a Freemason, a powerful brotherhood who acts effectively in political circles. 

On his return from France where he followed major studies, the young Paul is not entirely imbued with the realities and practices in progress in Africa, which require that we compromise when we want to integrate into the high spheres of power.

The point is, you can't do certain things without doing certain other things. 

Paul Biya was born on February 13, 1933 in a village called Mvomeka'a, arrondissement of Meyomessala, department of Dja et Lobo, in southern Cameroon. He brilliantly obtained a baccalaureate in 1956 at the Lycée Général Leclerc in Yaoundé. The former seminarian of Akono and Edéa then flew to Paris where he will follow his higher studies, at the Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, at the Institute of Political Studies and at the 'Institute for Advanced Overseas Studies.

Returning to the country in 1962 with Atyam Jeanne Irène, a midwife from Akonolinga, whom he met and then married in Paris in the early 1960s, he will begin a rich professional career on an upward slope, supported by Ahidjo by Doctor Aujoulat. 

In October 1962, he was appointed project manager at the presidency of the Republic; in January 1964, he was director of the Cabinet of the Minister of National Education, Youth and Culture. 

In December 1967, he was made director of the Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic, to become in 1968, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.

In June 1970, he was Minister of State, confirmed with the same functions. 

In 1975, he was appointed Prime Minister of the United Republic of Cameroon. 

Ahidjo, to resign from his high office as President of the Republic, submits to this calculation and this political precaution which consists in placing as successor, an unconditional, who would obey his eye and wand. Thus, not only does he shelter himself from some inconveniences, but in addition, the influence which he would exert on his successor would allow him to orient the course of the life of the country. 

But who is going to be the President's man? 

Member of Freemasonry, Ahidjo belongs to initiatory circles. As a result, he knows on what grounds to link someone. However, his Prime Minister seems obvious to him the man of the situation: he meets all the necessary criteria I by his career, he can validly raise him to the presidential functions and by his psychology, he would make a good puppet. Because, Ahidjo believes he has a coward, shy, discreet and unobtrusive in front of him, incapable of assuming his responsibilities properly speaking.

He is the ideal person for handling. 

Through him, Ahidjo expects to be able to intervene in the country's major decisions, although he is no longer officially in business. But the whole thing is not there. Paul Biya should be fully aware of what it is and remain an instrument; he should know that if he is brought to the head of the state, he should consider it as a special favor of President Ahidjo, and be grateful to him for it. Because, other people in the country, endowed with a stronger personality, could have been prized by the Head of State, like Ayissi Mvodo, Eboua Samuel etc ... 

The president had subjective and not objective criteria, to indicate their preference over Paul Biya. 

The Constitution, President Ahidjo could make and defeat it without encountering the slightest opposition. He could have had anything but the Prime Minister in matters of succession, and no one would have moved a finger. He could even have, despite the constitutional provisions, appointed or designated his successor, that this would have happened without obstacle. 

So that by leaving things as they are, he puts Paul Biya in a position to succeed him because, that is his will. But this post, the future President must have it under a somewhat brackish condition: a pact.

There is then a homosexual relationship between the two men, to seal the pact. 

If the beneficiary of the measure comes to betray or violate the bases of their pact, he will die. And, the basics of the pact are simple: Paul Biya owes obedience and submission to Ahidjo.

This act of homosexuality, Paul Biya will not necessarily approve. But if that is the price to pay to become head of state, he agrees to pay it. Besides, it is not his first. Already the son of a catechist, he was bound to rub shoulders with and frequent the old missionary priests to whom his family had been linked. 

Many of them were not indifferent to the adolescent's beauty and feminine looks, so that he was sometimes the victim of pedophile missionaries. 

Scandals were several times stifled by his father who insisted on not jeopardizing his career as a catechist to which he owed everything, and which at least earned him the privilege of being close to white missionaries. Many benefits ensued. 

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