Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Here's why Germany turned its back on Paul Biya

They squandered state funds incredibly quickly. The siphons diverted most often went to economically illogical, anti-national uses, which further aggravated the crisis and accelerated the recession. The absurd, frivolous or prestige spending reaches an unbearable level. Mr. Kohl, the Chancellor of Federal Germany, was disgusted. For the gigantic reception that Mr. Biya gave him, on the occasion of his official visit to Kamerun, we had brought from France whole containers of flowers. afrinews pro .. Host's thoughts: “With us, even when we receive foreign guests, we don't have such a large room. "After that, we will not seek a German quarrel with Mr. Khol, if he refuses the credits requested by Mr. Biya, which he sent back to the IMF. does not want to give his money to someone who will throw it out the window, especially when this window overlooks Paris. This biyaist management led the national economy to the sad following table:

The so-called austerity or recovery measures taken by Mr. Biya will not succeed. It is not a prediction, it is a certainty. And the reason is simple: 

a) the worse it gets, the more the money sucks. That is to say, in the conditions of uncertainty of the next day where the supporters of the regime are currently, those who looted the coffers of the state loot even more. They selfishly seek, disregarding the interests of the country, to put themselves, with their families, "free from want" for a future that would not sing. Embezzlement and capital flight will therefore continue unabated, unless there is a political will for change in the country, that is to say if there is a national surge.

b) The Kamerunans will not consent to the effort required of them, and will not accept austerity when they see spread before their eyes social injustice, the insolent luxury of the new rich "on pajero", and that the absence of democracy blocks any individual initiative.

Journalist: Siméon KUISSU