Monday, April 6, 2020

Health challenges: Maurice Kamto's 'coup' to Paul Biya worked

Announced on April 3, the financial support plan proposed by President Maurice Kamto is approved by both the exterior and the interior. A measure which aims essentially to allow any soul of good will to contribute to the eradication of the pandemic in Cameroon.

Maurice Kamto's decision to launch this apolitical initiative, called "SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL INITIATIVE", started from Paul's lack of interest in the face of the health crisis. Despite the scale of the pandemic in Cameroon, the regime in place was content to offer a solidarity fund worth a shabby 1 billion FCFA; alongside some preventive measures flouted by the regime's spawns. 

The main objectives of Maurice Kamto's initiative are “first, to help deal with the health emergency; second, to respond to the social and economic impact of the pandemic; and, third, to prepare for the battle of rebuilding communities and the survival of our nation. "Said President Maurice Kamto in his recent address.

Contributions for the “SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL FUND FUND” by President Maurice Kamto continue at this address