Friday, April 17, 2020

Financial mischief: the Boss of the judicial police of Yaoundé fired

The unfortunate person was replaced at the head of the regional judicial police division of the Center by Divisional Commissioner Annette Koumbe.

Since Wednesday April 15, 2020, the regional division of the judicial police of the Center, better known by the abbreviation "PJ" of Yaoundé, has a new head. 

This is the Divisional Commissioner Annette Koumbe. She was called to replace at short notice, the main police commissioner Aimé Raymond Evina, relieved of his duties following "serious professional misconduct, specifically corruption, extortion and various forms of traffic" said a police source questioned by Cameroon- Info.Net

“Everything started with a complaint for a loan of 45 million FCFA between two men. The debtor paid the Commissioner an advance of 4.5 million FCFA. Put in the perfume, the creditor went to see the commissioner to recover this first reimbursement. The Commissioner refused to return the money. The matter was brought to the attention of his superiors. After investigation, the Commissioner was relieved of his duties. He already had other cases against him. This 4.5 million story is just the last straw that broke the record, ”explained our source. 

This sanction comes five months after the decree of the Head of State, awarding the Honorable Mention to Commissioner Aimé Raymond Evina, "holder of four testimonials of satisfaction in the space of five years" explained the presidential text. Ironically, the beneficiary fell out of favor five months later, due to professional misconduct.