Saturday, April 4, 2020

Etoudi: A priest compares the silence of Biya to that of Jesus before his death

The silence of the President of the Republic Paul Biya in this health crisis period worries all actors in the socio-political life of Cameroon.

After the leader of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), Prof Maurice Kamto, it is Father Ludovic Lado (Jesuit) 's turn to break the silence. 

In a reflection published on social networks, "the man of God" compares and silence Paul Biya to that of Jesus in this Easter period. 

"There is an hour to come into the world, we do not choose it. There is an hour to leave, and often we do not choose it either. It is on the side of passion." he says. ENTIRETY. 

“Where has President Paul Biya been since the start of the health crisis? Why is he hiding? "

An hour ago to come into the world, we don't choose it. There is an hour to leave, and often we do not choose it either. It's on the side of passion. 

At the moment when our media are saturated on a daily basis with the counting of the dead and contaminated, but also of the healed, of the coronavirus, we enter providentially on the liturgical level in the time of the passion of Jesus Christ. 

Now who says passion says suffering and death! Like what in all life, there is a time for action and there is a time for passion where we suffer and experience the painful helplessness of the forces of death. It is everyone's path, without exception. So it makes no sense to live as if you were never going to die. 


If Jesus triumphantly entered the city of Jerusalem where his highest ranking detractors are concentrated, it was to courageously face the inevitable, the hour of his death. After several failed attempts to get rid of him, failed because "his hour had not arrived" (a phrase commonly used in the Gospel of John), the time has come for him to leave. He himself senses it: "It is near at hand, the hour when the Son of man is delivered into the hands of sinners. "Yes, at this hour, the sky is silent and we lament:" My God my God, why did you abandon me". 

Abandoned ? God does not abandon anyone. He is only silent! To avoid negotiations. Everyone has their time! When she arrives, you have to leave. For many, especially the older ones, coronavirus sounds the departure time. And we have to go. They did nothing to be targeted. It's just time to leave. 

There is a time to live and it must be used correctly. There is a time to suffer and die. This is indeed the universal human condition. Death is an anthropological universal. This is why the excessive fear of death translates an inauthentic relationship to life. Because death can be the dung, the humus, of life. This is what nature teaches us every day when a rotten strain feeds the life of the offspring. 


Coronavirus wrests loved ones from our daily lives, and we are right to cry because of the emotional charge. Ironically, it targets older people, as if to invite us to give meaningful content to our life while we are still young. When the time comes to leave, you have to leave to make room for the youngest and thus become for them the humus that makes them green and bloom. 

If the rulers of Central Africa could understand this lesson of coronavirus which targets mainly the oldest, we would no longer have old men over 80 years in power. Where has President Paul Biya been since the start of the health crisis? Why is he hiding? 

Why does he not pass the hand to a younger, still vigorous, to continue the path. When you have had your time, you must have the wisdom to withdraw and prepare to leave. Jesus was only 33 years old when his time arrived, but in thirty-three years he had accomplished his mission on earth. In the 33 years, he had only three years of active life. And more than two thousand years later it continues to positively influence lives. 

The quality of a life is not measured by its length or the way in which one dies. We can live long but for nothing. Just as one can have a short but rich life. Many want to live long, but what for? That is the question!

It doesn't matter how you die. Jesus who spent his life on earth doing good and so often surrounded by crowds died excruciatingly alone with only four people (his mother, his aunt, a friend and a friend) at the foot of his cross, symbol of infamy . He has been quietly buried much like the coronavirus victims for several months. 

We have our hands regularly, besides Pilate does it so well in the story of passion that we are going to meditate these days, but above all we often have our hearts to always be ready to leave when the time of each will arrive. 

Finally, do not experience the confinement during Holy Week too badly, it is passion itself in action, which stings us alive. Let us live it in communion with all those affected and infected by coronavirus. 

Have a good week of passion.