Friday, April 3, 2020

Etoudi: New evidence confirms 'disappearance' of Paul Biya

How to convince national and international public opinion that the President of the Republic Paul Biya is alive and well? This is the puzzle of the presidential majority. Despite the appeals of the people, the President of the Republic remains untraceable. Unlike his continental peers, Paul Biya has not addressed his fellow citizens since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

For the past few hours, a video of the head of state has been touring social networks. Activists close to the CPDM brandish this video as proof that the president is alive and well and that he has just returned from a stay in his native village Mvomeka. Problem, several journalists believe that it is an old video. Curiously enough, on the video, nobody around the head of state wore a protective mask. The photographers gathered at the entrance to the palace do not respect the distancing measures. All these elements confirm the unavailability of the Head of State according to a good part of analysts on the Cameroonian political scene. 

Completely erased from the political scene in recent days, several media and activists give Paul Biya for dead. The French day Jeune Afrique thinks it knows well is the very silent President of the Republic who has delegated the management of the country to Prime Minister Dion Ngute. 

Cameroon News Agency quoting the magazine Jeune Afrique, indicates that Paul Biya would have taken refuge in his native village in Mvomeka, where he observes the confinement. “President Paul Biya is confined to his native village of Mvomeka, in the southern region. During his stay, he reduced the number of workers around him, ”said the French newspaper. 

The president filtered his collaborators. "He only speaks with his advisor, Admiral Joseph Fouda, the director of the civil cabinet, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo and Mike Davy Ottou Meka", tells us CNA quoting Jeune Afrique.

This exit from the magazine Jeune Afrique, galvanizes the presidential camp which has been struggling for a few days to put an end to rumors that the President of the Republic has died. 

“About the insane remarks made by a certain“ Kamwa La Panthère ”in a video posted overnight during the night of March 25, 2020; around 11.52 p.m., and announcing loud and clear, the death of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, the Minister of Communication gives a formal denial to these rantings and fantasies of a devout and visibly devout fellow citizen unbalanced and demands that no credit be given to it. The President of the Republic normally goes about his royal obligations, as evidenced by the rest, his activities in recent days ... ", wrote government spokesman Réné Sadi without convincing. 

Cameroonians claim their president during these harsh periods when the Coronavirus pandemic has exceeded the 300 case mark with 8 deaths. Himself confined after being in contact with Cavaye Yeguié suspected of being contaminated at Covid-19, Grégoire Owona had to do violence to himself by breaking the silence. 

“The Cameroonian President is not an autocrat or a potentate who delights in oratory and ostentatious gesticulation. He does not speak in the face by concentrating, like King Ubu, all the attributes of power ”, had declared the general secretary of the CPDM, the presidential party.