Friday, April 3, 2020

Etoudi: 'here is the evidence which confirms the death of Paul Biya'

Given for dead for a few days, the skates of Paul Biya have been taken by means of frail and inappropriate outings without concealing the resounding silence and the sustained allegations which have everything to convince that the President of the Republic has passed from life to death .

Tomb silence 

For almost 5 days, the activist Kamaoua the Panther has announced on his official Facebook page "the death of Paul Biya". The news quickly spread around the world, relayed by several international media. Unexpected, the announcement raised a slew of questions among Cameroonians, but the most surprising remains the disturbing if not approving silence of the one who would have passed from life to death. Paul Biya had hitherto been silent despite the serious health crisis in which the world is plunged, this news appeared with a double stake for him. As Head of State, Paul Biya had an opportunity to address a people who say they have been let go by someone who claims to be their leader in the face of a severe ordeal, a people who are about to mourn their President. It is that before an announcement whose charge is no longer to be demonstrated, Paul Biya is illustrated by a silence which has nothing to reassure; an incomprehensible silence which more suggests that it is not able to show its white leg. 

Pulled by the hair, messages of denial followed one another to act as a response in favor of Paul Biya. The first, the most laughable is that of Charles Atangana Manda (Director of the media observatory at Mincom) who said he denied the news launched by the activist on behalf and by order of the Minister of Communication. It is by a message written on the social network Whatsapps all in bold, transferred to different forums that we would have liked to make Cameroonians believe that Paul Biya is alive. Really too easy! The second, more formal denial, is surprisingly from the same ministerial department and bears the signature of René Sadi, who had nevertheless mandated Charles Atangana to respond as spokesperson for Paul Biya. 

No need to be internal to the entity to guess that it is in embarrassment, panic, even fear of an unwrapped secret that they took the news that leaked on Facebook. This is all the more true when we are looking at the same situation in a country close to us; The gabon. Suffering and hospitalized in Saudi Arabia in the year 2018, President Ali Bongo Odimba had been declared dead on Vision 4 television. The seriousness of the unfounded statement had caused the media to be suspended by the Gabonese authorities for a duration of 6 months across the territory; this because there was no doubt about the life of the Gabonese president. The response of the "agents" of Biya was richer in insults, verbs than in facts. We really did not have the impression that they know or want to exactly shed light on this mystery. We only retain verbose and flat press releases. 

Fact book

It should be remembered, Paul Biya is over 87 years old to date. And like all elderly people, his health is fragile; we will not say the opposite to her outfit, especially her recently mocked gait on the canvas. Even if a thick mystery is maintained about his state of health and that his agents did not make case of it as usual, Cameroonvoice recently learned that Paul Biya is in a bad state and that he was evacuated from 'emergency for health care. The Cameroonian authorities have made it a secret for the Cameroonian people. One has to wonder if a greater secret, namely the death of Paul Biya, is not hidden from Cameroonians. This thesis is supported by publications and other evidence as likely as each other. 

A surfer has just published a photo on his Tweeter account on which we can see a body lying that he presents like that of Paul Biya; there is only Paul Biya himself to deny such a publication. One of the most plausible proofs is the succession of personalities who, having felt the end of the regime in place, are apparently taking steps to request exile in foreign countries. According to Dr. Jacques Noumsi, 4 ministers have already tried in vain to join the United States of America to benefit from their protection. "1. Mbarga Manga 2. Hélé Pierre 3. Elung Che 4. Nganou Djoumessi" He specifies. 

It also comes back to us that Jacques Fame Ndongo (Minister of Higher Education) and many other ministers have applied for a visa for neighboring Chad in order to flee. In all likelihood, Cabral Libii is in the directory of these personalities who apply for the visa for foreigners. Arrived in Cameroon in mid-March, Franck Biya, the son of Paul Biya, given as his potential successor, would have been prepared by France for this eventuality, to take the place of his father. The death of Paul Biya would therefore be hidden from Cameroonians until the new outburst is prepared to enslave the Cameroonians and that some take the dust to avoid any reprisals. The saying goes so well, anything that is said without evidence can be denied without evidence; to say that Paul Biya is alive without real proof is to say nothing at all. So if the president is alive, let him silence the rumor by showing his white paw.