Friday, April 17, 2020

Etoudi: here are the 3 myths of the power of Paul Biya

Paul BIYA has built his power on three myths which are:

- the myth of force, embodied here by an animal, the lion which refers to terror, brutality, ferocity, cruelty and ultimately insensitivity, wickedness and barbarism. This myth is the philosophical base or simply the foundation of the savage, anti-law state. 

- The myth of wisdom, represented by another animal, the sphinx, which has been built up over the years, when a form of weariness sprouted in opinion, nourished by the interminable reign of Paul BIYA, its calamitous balance sheet and his age. These elements which appeared as a handicap or an incapacity to govern were represented in an advantageous manner, as factors generating wisdom. 

- The myth of immortality, is the culmination of the mythical trilogy of Paul BIYA. Like the myth of wisdom, it is the travesty of the congenital defects of BIYA governance, which are laziness, absenteeism, inaction... The unparalleled political and economic failure of the BIYA regime is above all the failure of a man, whose mark of power is his taste for interminable weddings, his physical absences on all fronts: social, political, economic, diplomatic. These determining elements of the political debacle of Paul BIYA, are falsely reinterpreted and represented. The absent President, whose managerial indolence borders on legal and political irresponsibility, is presented as omniscient, omnipotent. 

The disappearances of Paul BIYA, for periods which can reach several months, during which, through his special services, he inoculates in public the rumor of his death, proceed from the practical declination of the myth of immortality. Will follow, the exit from his retirement, as risen from the dead, to boast about his immortality. The dead President will rise from the ashes and return younger and stronger than ever. It is therefore everywhere and immortal. 

But this time, his mortal sin will deprive him of the gates of paradise.


This whirlwind which enabled Paul BIYA to make people forget their absences, to install in the minds of Cameroonians, the myth of their invincibility and their perpetuity, clearly does not work anymore. Reproducing this ploy at this critical time in world history is a mortal sin. 

Far from appearing as the super man rising from the ashes, Paul BIYA, emerging from his hiding place, appears as an army chief who has abandoned his troops. Nothing, absolutely nothing except a serious physical impediment can make it possible to understand another "silence of the president". And even in such a hypothesis, understanding cannot be an excuse in the face of the deficiency observed, in the implementation of a real emergency public health policy to deal with COVID-19. 

Cameroon has become in a few days, the second power of the corona-prevalence of Africa after South Africa. The silence of Paul BIYA in front of Covid-19 which rages in the world and in Cameroon, was so resounding that in a correspondence written on March 23, 2020 and publicly revealed this April 10, the boss of the WHO declares: "Excellence, your personal commitment is necessary to mobilize communities and strengthen the momentum of a societal movement against COVID-19 ”. 

During this time of absence, Maurice KAMTO, who in two stages invited Paul BIYA to physically exercise his power, undertook to take his share of responsibility by launching a transnational movement of solidarity.


Faced with the gravity of this pandemic, whose ravages are in the process of destructuring all Cameroonian society, the political power of Yaoundé which consecrates the essential of its resources for its survival, is distraught. 

The elites, faced with the closure of European borders, in execution of the measures taken by these countries, to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, can no longer afford or benefit in a privileged way, from a quality care offer. Cameroon, is thus transformed into a vast prison - a dying house in which the rich and poor are now equal before the COVID-19. 

It is in this context that Maurice KAMTO, intervenes and launches a solidarity program which proves to be unprecedented by the support of the populations. In less than a week, by means of a campaign that was only carried out on social networks, the funds collected approached the million euros. 

The government, disoriented, attacked this popular initiative under the false pretext of non-compliance with procedures. In dismaying brutality and illegality, he orders the closure of the accounts supposed to host these funds.

So here is Paul BIYA, who finds himself reduced to multiplying stratagems, to obstruct Cameroon-Suvival of Maurice KAMTO, thus hoping to have a little political oxygen. Depriving people of a chance to protect themselves from the disease or to cure themselves, without at the same time offering them a complete alternative is a dilemma. The government program to fight COVID-19 seems to be bogged down in the fight against Cameroon-Survival, which it aims to fight against COVID-19. 


The normalization of Paul BIYA's absences obscures proxy governance which is the practice in Cameroon. It is undeniable that this despot presents physical and mental deficiencies due to his advanced age, which inevitably justify his being placed under supervision and therefore his inability to continue his mission. 

This incapacity is circumvented by the establishment of a de facto guardianship. Paul BIYA, like a puppet, is now operated by his wife, in the role of State Guardian, failing to be Head of State. 

The regime of Paul BIYA, is a textbook case in political science. Playing dead to exist, playing dead to govern, you had to invent it ...

Me Amedee Dimitri Touko Tom 

Militant - Political Analyst

Journalist: Tgv of info