Saturday, April 11, 2020

End of the regime in Etoudi: Paul Biya has hung up since then!

A low hand of the Biya regime on the fund "Cameroon-Survival Initiative" by Maurice Kamto will be an unspeakable crime against the people of Cameroon

Like the rest of the world, Cameroon as a whole and its people are currently at war against a common enemy, the pandemic of the century, aptly named "COVID-19", which is hitting them head on. 

Unlike other countries in the world, the people of Cameroon are abandoned to their sad fate at the front of this existential battle by their de facto commander-in-chief, the so-called President of the Republic Paul Barthélemy Biya Bi Mvondo. Indeed, the country's de facto dictator, Paul Biya, has been missing since the first minute of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, apparently entrenched and confined for fear of catching this disease, in his native village of Mvomeka'a in the south of the country, abandoning the people to the cruelty of the pandemic. 

Since then, Paul Biya has never again addressed the people of Cameroon either in person, or by television, radio, or social networks, thereby confirming his abandonment of the post of head of the Cameroonian state and its desertion. 

The unemployed and impoverished population is not only abandoned to their sad fate at the war front, but above all, they are abandoned there without resources and without combat arms by their chief deserter. Indeed, Cameroon without a commander-in-chief enters this war with tied hands, without the sanitary equipment required in hospitals, and without the medical personnel trained to operate this advanced equipment. 

To illustrate the country's unpreparedness to put in place urgently the measures and the means to protect the population of nearly 30 million souls, we note that the whole of Cameroon has less than 50 intensive care beds equipped respirator to treat patients severely affected by COVID-19. It is this reality that is catching up with us after more than 38 years of unchallenged power from the omnipotent dictator. 

Since nature abhors a vacuum, the leader of the political party called Mouvement de la renaissance du Cameroun (MRC), Professor Maurice Kamto set up the “Cameroon-Survival-Initiative” fund to help the population in this difficult period, after the observation and demonstration of the desertion of the dictator. This Fund knew instantly the enthusiastic adhesion of Cameroonians who continue to contribute massively. 

Faced with such a threat to its existence, every people in the world has always closed its ranks in one form or another of sacred union, in order to maximize its resources to fight against the common enemy that attacks the nation.

This sacred union is deployed and materialized in wartime not only by a temporary truce in the fighting of political politics, but also, and above all by the advent of a peaceful and proactive social climate which is favorable to free and unhindered actions of each stratum of society to freely mobilize and deploy its share of resources complementary to those of the State, in the face of this struggle for national salvation. 

Thus, the sacred union of the Cameroonian people in this delicate time of their existential war against the COVID-19 pandemic requires that the State of Cameroon allow each private initiative that helps save Cameroonian lives to flourish, whatever its origin; the survival of the Cameroonian people is at stake. The more diverse sources of funding there are, the better. If the State of Cameroon, which obviously cannot resolve this situation on its own, acts otherwise, it will have demonstrated its criminal nature and shown its disrespect for the lives of Cameroonians. The people of Cameroon can never forget or forgive such criminal behavior of the de facto regime. 

Unfortunately, from his hiding place, the dictator-deserter Paul Biya is mobilizing all the force of the State to end the Fund "Cameroon-Survival Initiative" of Maurice Kamto, for the benefit of his own who is shunned by Cameroonians. This is the essence of the highly publicized exit of the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji, of April 7, 2020 during which he peremptorily prohibited Cameroonians from contributing to the “Cameroon-survival Initiative” Fund and invited them to contribute only the Fund shunned by the population, set up by the fleeing dictator. 

This outing of the Minister of Territorial Administration attacks the sacred union of Cameroonians on several grounds, including in particular the following two: 

Countering the initiative of another political party for the benefit of its own is an eminently political political gesture, contrary to the spirit of sacred union; 

Obstructing also the free mobilization and the free deployment of resources complementary to those of the State to save the maximum of Cameroonian lives is in opposition to the spirit of the sacred union in this time of war. 

This attempt to sabotage the project, oh how saving and welcome of President Maurice Kamto by Minister Atanga Nji comes at a time when the similar Fund set up by the regime of the dictator-deserter Paul Biya, is struggling because the Cameroonians, With many examples of past fundraisers that have been defrauded by the same regime in place, rather prefer to contribute with enthusiasm to the Fund created by Maurice Kamto, which inspires more confidence in the population.

Cameroonians are now advised and are completely right to refrain from contributing to any 

fundraising launched by the regime of Paul Biya Bi Mvondo, and for reasons: A retrospective of the past teaches us that a multitude of fundraisers initiated by this regime, supposedly for a good national cause, ended in the disappearance without trace of the funds collected, without any respective recipient of these quests receiving the slightest penny and without any accountability. 

Very recently, in June 2018, the Biya regime swindled the Cameroonians through a mega fundraiser improperly called “Emergency humanitarian assistance plan” of 12.7 billion CFA francs supposedly to help the populations North-West and South-West regions, victims of the Anglophone genocide still in progress. This fundraiser has abused the generosity of Cameroonians from across the country who have contributed massively to help their English-speaking compatriots, victims of the massacres and the war declared by the Biya regime itself. This Fund was managed in total opacity without any balance sheet of contributions and without any report on the use of the funds collected having been presented to Cameroonians! 

In 1994, in support of the national football team of Cameroon for its preparation for the World Football organized then in the United States of America, the sum of more than one billion CFA francs of the time had been assessed by Cameroon as a whole for the national team as part of "Operation Coup de Coeur" under the initiative of the Biya regime. This large sum of money which had thus been collected during this operation never reached its recipients, the players of the national football team. The brand image of our country was excruciatingly dragged through the mud and our country became the laughingstock of the whole world when the Cameroonian players were forced to strike in the middle of the football World Cup match, for their unpaid bonuses. 

Before the fiasco of the fundraising of the World Cup in 1994, it was the same with the fundraising collected in Cameroon and in the international community in 1986 by the Biya regime, supposedly to help the victims and refugees of the catastrophe which resulted from the explosion of toxic gases from Lake Nyos, which occurred in the North West Province, on August 21, 1986. The fact that the Funds never reached their intended recipients, the refugees displaced by this natural disaster, allows us to understand why sufficiency the mafia and unscrupulous nature of the regime in place in Yaoundé and especially that this nature is not new. 

To justify its sabotage maneuvers of the Maurice Kamto Fund, the Biya regime which has nothing more to give to Cameroonians invokes the so-called republican legality, a kind of Hitlerian strait-jacket, like the Nazi laws used in Germany during the second world war to improperly requisition the goods of Jews, under false representations. This allows us to state loud and clear that the immoral laws in a dictatorship are worth absolutely nothing, not even the sheet of paper on which they are written. 

Indeed, like the banana and genocidal dictatorship of Paul Biya which is in place in Cameroon at the moment, the vile regimes of Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa, Cambodia Khmer Rouge dictator Pol Pot, to name a few, also had laws. This did not prevent these regimes from being vomited and combated by all of humanity. Otherwise, the senseless and immoral laws put in place in a country by an illegitimate and dictatorial regime are worth zero. These laws cannot be used to deprive the Cameroonian people of the resources they are excruciatingly lacking for their survival at this time of pandemic.

The loser in this irresponsible and criminal posture of the regime of dictator Paul Biya, deserter from the post of de facto leader of the country during a war, remains the Cameroonian people thus doubly abandoned to themselves: abandon by the dictator who fled the usurped post of commander in chief in the middle of the war, and abandoned because of the threat of the regime which concentrates its energy to obstruct and harm the initiatives of the good local Samaritans who nevertheless want to come to the aid of their population. Why be surprised that governance and the illegitimate exercise of power by Mr. Biya and his creatures boil down exclusively to enjoyment and not to the obligation to serve the people they claim to represent. 

In conclusion: 

Through his intervention, Atanga Nji demonstrated to the Cameroonian people that the Biya regime does not care about the fate or the survival of the people of Cameroon. From his hiding place where he has entrenched himself since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul Barthélemy Biya Bi Mvondo is ready to let all Cameroonians die, provided he keeps his power; 

The Biya regime is preventing Cameroonians of good will from helping the population abandoned by its dictator; 

All Cameroonians must keep their courage, and contribute generously in the Funds of their choice set up to save Cameroonian lives from this pandemic, regardless of the threat proffered by the dictatorial regime in Cameroon. Each Cameroonian life saved is a collective victory for the Cameroonian people; 

We particularly trust the “Cameroon-Survival-Initiative” fund launched by President Maurice Kamto and his allies: 

History is watching us. To each his conscience.

May the federal Cameroon live, just, inclusive, peaceful and master of its destiny. 

Michael Fogaing, Spokesman of Diaspora for Modernity-Diaspora for Modernity 


Diaspora for Modernity is a civil society organization of the Cameroonian Diaspora, for whom the hope of the advent of the independence of democratic institutions each other is the cornerstone of his political activism in Cameroon. She is based in Canada.