Thursday, April 9, 2020

Driven out of the University of Yaoundé 2, Cabral Libii en route to Douala.. BORIS BERTOLT

It is a soap opera that will definitely not stop. After being kicked out of the University of Yaoundé 2 in Soa for academic insufficiency, Cabral LIBI has just been boosted by his master in the shambles Magloire Ondoua, the rector of the University of Douala who has just rescued him in Douala.

As a reminder, Cabral Koagne Kerozen who could not write a single doctoral chapter after 05 years was excluded from the file of PhD students of Yaounde 2 a few days ago by Adolphe Minkoa She, rector of the university of SOA. 

With more than one trick in his pocket, he remembered that he had a friend, the friend Magloire Ondoua. The two who have broken down the intellectual scam called Professional Doctorate the aegis of Magloire Ondoua at the time when he was still dean in Soa. To date, students who paid 4,500,000 for this doctorate have never defended and have never been reimbursed. 


You will notice that it is Magloire Ondoua himself who ensures the direction of this thief's thesis. Above all, don't try to find out if Koagne has submitted a complete dossier to merit a thesis selection. You just have to see the quality of the chosen theme: "" THE UN AND FOOD SECURITY "Bebela in Zamba wama! It looks like a presentation for first year students. 

You can't build a country like that.