Saturday, April 11, 2020

Drama in Obili: 'We remove people with broken feet'

In the early hours of this morning of April 9, 2020, a building collapsed in Yaoundé, at a place called Chapelle Obili, causing numerous victims according to the provisional assessment.

The fall of a building in the mainly student district of Obili injured and killed several people this Thursday, April 09, 2010 according to the first information collected by our editorial staff who went to the scene of the drama. A witness to the scene deigned to bring us some details. 

“What is happening is that, the building here, located at the Obili Chapel climb collapses with several people inside. It collapses at the back and falls on several other houses, "said Landry at the start of's microphone. An estimate of the actual balance cannot yet be mentioned, since excavations under the rubble of the building are underway. "Currently, the results are not precise because until now, we are still kidnapping people. There are children who are removed alive, there are dead, others come out with broken feet and are taken to hospital, ”specifies our interlocutor. 

The owner singled out 

About the origins of this accident, Landry does not know much about it, according to him, "the building collapsed alone". Another neighbor thinks that the fall of the building results from the owner's obstinacy in wanting to raise the number of levels without taking into account the initial foundation which did not provide for it.

The prefect of Mfoundi at the scene 

Jean Claude Tsila also went to the scene of the accident. His first statements join those of Landry, "In the context of civil protection, the effort we are making is to try to save the populations who are below the rubble". As for the balance sheet, we will have to wait. "I cannot tell you more, it is after the work of our specialists who are active in the field that we can give you a final assessment". 

Law enforcement, Red Cross elements, firefighters and civil defense personnel are still on the job trying to save lives.