Monday, April 6, 2020

Deafening silence of Paul Biya: a political analyst says it all

In a column published on April 3, 2020, political analyst Eric Lingo took advantage of the President of the Republic's silence on the Covid-19 to offer another analysis on the “deafening silences” of the Head of State. offers you the entire gallery. 

Paul Biya and his deafening silences 

It was not that long ago, more precisely on 12/30/2019, I committed a synthetic article, entitled "politicians of the year of politicians or the sublimation of absence", in which I commented on the multifaceted silences (by absences) of the one who uses them to be heard. That hoists him into one or the other pantheon, yes, but in any case creates and / or fuels controversy. News compels, while an understandable debate is underway on the active and visible presence of the Captain on the warship against the Covid-19, I give you below the extract which was dedicated to the current President of the Republic from Cameroon. Wherever it is a question of "seeing", one could just as easily put "hear", the same for " 

Give honour where honour is due ! We must give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. No, the latter was emperor. Although... In short, the President of the Republic of Cameroon, as usual, shone, even more, sparkled with a thousand lights by his absence ... or his presence, as desired.

We waited everywhere, at the end of an electoral campaign for the 2018 Presidential election where, it is not at all a secret, 7 minutes of speech in Maroua were enough to ensure and perpetuate his presence, and at the start of the seven-year term known as "great opportunities". The field of action, we were told that it is he who does everything, very vast. 

True to himself, he was nowhere, with 3 major exceptions. Not even in Switzerland. Or is it one of the exceptions? Re-brief... 

When he decides to delegate his signature to be less present, it propels him ahead of the news for months. Speaking of signature, what did his people chat about! Especially the one by which he ordered the release of his most fierce and determined political adversary. Work of magnanimity, of convenience, station of sufficiency? Result of negotiations and backstage pressure? The future has that good that it is certain, and that it "speaks" ... 

When it decides not to go abroad so often - we start here from the fact that it is sovereign, it is the President - we are talking about nothing but his absence. Yes, he was therefore more often on the national territory, but who saw him? I'm talking about his people, of course... 

Good, good faith requires to appreciate the efforts of rapprochement with this people, us, via social networks at least. Long live Twitter! The experience did not really last long, but Mister President also made the buzz in his time.

When, as at the famous Forum on Peace held in Paris a few weeks ago, he was - well, or for once - present in person, it was as if it was his ... absence that we had prepared ! Attentive observers will understand... 

His passages in Geneva and Lyon ... Yes, his passages in Geneva and Lyon! Next! 

Fortunately, there is CRTV! We thus know that a certain number of "grown-ups" saw him at the Etoudi Palace where, obviously, he did us the honor of staying more often and longer in the course of a calendar year. And this is how we got this legendary speech of September 10, 2019 where he announced the opening of what he called the Grand National Dialogue to close the ranks of the Nation. Only, 

The National President of the Cameroonian People's Democratic Rally (CPDM) has taken care not to give in to the enormous national and international pressure he is facing. The endless, useless and horrible crisis of NO-SO ... He had to use all his charm, and it is visible that he tried, not always by someone. And that he has drawn into this mission an astonishingly impressive number of faithful (or regulars). 

Paris, Geneva, Lyon ... How I would have liked to see him more often in person in the midst of "his" people, everywhere, even and especially at NO-SO! It is necessary, but I fear that it will remain wishful thinking! Let’s wait!

In any event, if someone tells me that they have not "seen" the official President of the Republic of Cameroon this year, I will ask myself questions, and not the least, I don't say what ... 

Paul Biya was not only characterized by his absence (or his presence, as desired), he also created absence ... then presence, when he saw fit. Do not do what wants, but who can ... A regular ... 

© Eric L. LINGO, 04/03/2020