Monday, April 6, 2020

Crisis in Cameroon: Paul Biya, a helpless chief

The billion CFA francs released to strengthen the fight against the Coronavirus comes on top of previous initiatives almost always doomed to failure.

The sum of 1 billion Fcfa released by the President of the Republic to strengthen the fight against this silent killer who affects at least 300 people in Cameroon with a dozen deaths, summons and questions previous experiences whose design does not always hold the promise of flowers. Between the prize pool unlocked for the organization of the Grand Dialogue with no happy outcome; the fortune allocated to the preparation of the African Cup of Nations, the war in Noso, the threat of Boko Haram and the scandal of computers for the universities, the initiatives of the Head of State are almost always doomed to failure . 

Great dialogue: the illusion of a way out of the crisis 

We had called him with all wishes! Many there founded a real hope, convinced that the salvation of Noso would come from this high mass. In truth, the Great National Dialogue convened by Paul Biya, at first glance looked like a beneficent rain that would cool Cameroon after three years of intense "drought" in the North West and South West regions, or a little more everywhere else in the National Triangle. Because, this has been going on for three years, this dirty war with its cohort of misfortunes. The violence is gaining in intensity, the deaths number in the thousands, resulting in more than 50,000 refugees in Nigeria and more than 500,000 internally displaced persons. Faced with this tragedy, the international community, in concert with the entire Nation, had called for an inclusive dialogue. After many dithering, Paul Biya, cornered from all sides, finally decided to break its legendary silence to convene on the heights of Nkol-Nyada, the famous Great National Dialogue, extended to all national social components.  Accustomed to surfing on crises, the President of the Republic who never accepted to be subjected to pressure from the Western powers, reiterated to his compatriots that peace would return to the Noso rain or snow. After five days of conclave, the mountain gave birth to a mouse since the stack of recommendations recorded in the "final document" of this rally for which certain stakeholders in the crisis were excluded, was sent to the Presidency of the Republic for appreciation by the Head of State. What has become of these famous recommendations? What were they ultimately used for? What has become of these famous recommendations? What were they ultimately used for? 

Did the man of November 6, 1982 order these precious propositions to be taken into account? Did he voluntarily carry out revisions, adjustments or adjustments? Nobody knows it. On the ground, the war is not over. Both soldiers and civilians continue to be targeted by separatists who are making the rain and the good weather in this part of the country. In the process, the "creatures" of Biya continue to surf on slogans, refusing to go to the bottom of the crisis. Expected on the ground to try to defuse the bomb, the Power proceeds by cosmetic measures and behaviors which demonstrate that the regime wishes to think of everything except calm. Hundreds of millions of CFA francs released for the famous dialogue were ultimately useless. A real mess. 

However, before officially announcing the holding of this national meeting, Paul Biya already had November 6, 2018, the day of his inauguration for the seven years of "great opportunities", announced the colors. "The major challenges that require access to the emergence of our economy, which I have recalled, and the commitments I have made to improve the quality of life of Cameroonians, first of all presuppose that adequate conditions for stability and security come together. I can assure you that I will make sure that this is the case, ”he proclaimed from the pulpit in the National Assembly. 

Noso and Boko Haram: peace, a mirage

More than 50 civilians killed by the Cameroonian army in Noso. The figures are from the Ong International Crisis Group which recently published a report that looks at the situation in the North West and South West during the period of February 2020. Used to systematically thwarting all reports of international organizations, the regime has once again stepped up to the plate to shout at an attempt to destabilize the country pompously presented to the world as an island of peace. "In English-speaking regions, the military has launched raids on communities suspected of hosting separatists, who have left more than 50 civilians dead," said the non-governmental organization. According to the report, "soldiers supported by the Fulani militia on February 14 killed 23 civilians in the village of Ngarbuh", we read in said report. "The government declares that this unfortunate accident is caused by an explosion during clashes with separatists when the United Nations, the European Union and the United States have requested an independent investigation," said the NGO. 

International Crisis Group, also writes in this note that the clashes between the army and the separatists from 3 to 5 February 2020 left 5 people dead in Bamali. A locality in northwest Cameroon. "In the Southwest, the separatists opened fire on a vehicle, killing a civilian in the village of Ekombe on February 3. On February 20, the secessionists also killed a truck driver in the town of Muyuka. Soldiers killed three civilians in Ikata village on February 3, six suspected separatists were killed in Bakebe village on February 6, and at least three civilians were reportedly killed in Bakundu village on February 20, "continued International Crisis Group. The organization's report also takes a look at the situation in Far North Cameroon, plagued by the Islamic sect Boko Haram. Billions of Fcfa from the taxpayer have been released for the return to peace. In vain. 

Can 2019 (2021): the trophy of impunity 

It's a record to put in the Guinness book. Hundreds of billions gone up in smoke! The failed organization of the 2019 African Cup of Nations (and perhaps that of 2021) is not only a scandal. But a financial disaster like no other. Revelations about a gigantic mafia and embezzlement of public funds of nearly 1000 billion FCFA within the framework of this competition, have gone around the world. The trial of the ministers of works and of the officials in charge of the award and execution of the Can 2019 sites, who settle their accounts with the publication of administrative documents on the internet (some of which are confidential) revealing sums amazing, opened Pandora's box. Convinced that Paul Biya (who never goes down to the field to control the construction sites), now knew the truth, the ministers clashed at the end of 2018. This is because, many members of the government delayed the start-up works to urgently award dozens of contracts to companies they controlled and which are run by their relatives. For example, out of 51 Can 2019 markets, 41 were over-the-counter. 

Transactions concluded between performers and managers where commissions must always be paid. In OlembĂ©, where a sports complex comes out of the ground (including an ultra-modern stadium with 60,000 seats at Fifa standards, an Olympic swimming pool, a shopping center, parking lots, training grounds and a hotel), this is the hecatomb . Since the withdrawal of Can 2019, almost nothing has changed in the gigantic construction site where the mythical Paul Biya stadium is to be enthroned. Between repeated strikes by workers who demand payment of their salary arrears, termination of the contract for the Italian company Piccini by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education in late November 2019 for its inability to deliver the infrastructure on time contractual; and an endless trial of members of the Task Force, stuck in network wars, Cameroon has remained faithful to the status quo. Obviously, the funding is lacking to restart the machines. Everything is at a standstill. 

In addition, a scent of major scandals embalmed the seraglio, saying that the funds allocated for this major work were chewed to the fullest by some members of the government. Paul Biya, presented as the most knowledgeable man in the country, has remained unmoved. 

Consequently, launched in March 2016 and supposed to be completed in September 2018, the famous works have not moved an iota. After having recourse to several banks through the signing of a guarantee agreement last year so that Gruppo Piccini obtains the necessary financing for the revival of the works of this sports complex, the State of Cameroon put in index as the main guilty, try to save face. The secretaries general of the Presidency of the Republic and the services of the Prime Minister cited as alleged perpetrators of the mismanagement were not worried. While the Cameroonians were waiting for the culprits to be punished, the defendants were purely and simply renewed, except that their power was increased.

Coronavirus: The Solidarity Fund of Shame 

Announced during a press briefing by the Minister of Public Health last Monday, the Special Fund for National Solidarity was officially launched on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 through a press release made public by the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute. The Head of State instructed the immediate injection of an amount of one billion CFA francs into the said fund, the source of whose resources largely depends on the social contributions made by donors of good will. An approach which, failing to abandon the lives of millions of Cameroonians to the goodwill of hypothetical donors, consecrates the resignation of the President of the Republic from his duty to guarantee the well-being and well-being of Cameroonians. "The magnanimous gesture of the President of the Republic", comes more than three weeks after the fortuitous and official discovery of the first cases of contagion to the Coronavirus. Long before, some members of the government had shown denial of the threat of this pandemic in Cameroon. In the hussar, a series of prescriptions were issued in order to limit the spread of the virus. 

At the same time, despite calls for caution by the press and many other observers, the government has turned a deaf ear to the need to filter the entry of people from infected areas on Cameroonian soil. Besides, the idea of ​​this famous Fund did not meet with everyone's approval. For many, the Head of State is not serious; he refuses to take the bull by the horns. An approach that resembles a scam. For Alice Sadio, the government should support people rather than asking them for help. "The confined contribute how? In Italy, the Catholic Church launched a program of distribution of checks to the most needy populations with mention:" do not return this money to the church, use it where you need it most" . 

In the Usa in France, in Spain, in China, etc. The governors take financial support measures for their populations. We are talking about countries whose excellent social security system is already making young Africans pale, who only dream of going there by all means. Here, in the midst of a pandemic, we are asking a people to whom we have also refused to contribute. "How to contribute? An underemployed people, supposed to be confined, who lives in precariousness and resourcefulness, who has neither savings nor bank account for the most part, etc. will contribute how much and in how long? "Wonders the former leader of the Afp.