Monday, April 6, 2020

Crisis at the PCRN: Nourane Fotsing and the the game!

Attacked on all sides by some zealous relatives of the leader of the PCRN, following his positions in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the Honorable Nourane Foster made an exit this Monday to calm the game.

A publication on his Facebook page, the one that little by little delights the star at Cabral Libii, is trying to ease tensions. She agrees with the latter "who qualifies the behavior of certain comrades of our Party against me as" AFFECTIVE CRISIS "! And will meet his admirers very soon to celebrate the victory in the legislative elections. 

Below the entirety of his message 

I fully agree with our Leader The Honorable CABRAL Libii who describes the behavior of certain comrades of our Party against me as "AFFECTIVE CRISIS"! 

Having chosen to serve the Nation, my children, my husband and my family accepted that I would be less and less present for them. Similarly I would like to call our activist base PCRN, my political family to also accept that other Cameroonians although not having voted for me see me as their MP. 

After the full session at the National Assembly, we continued with the ordinary session before being surprised by the # COVID-19 crisis. These events did not allow us to meet to celebrate our brilliant victory in the legislative elections.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a good start to the week. 

SOLIDARITECOVID237 is from April 10. 

Get ready.