Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Covid-19: Biya talks to his people through 'his creatures'

The Beautiful Example comes to us from one of the "creatures" of the Head of State, the great Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo. Even when wearing our mask, we do not forget to demonstrate and display our attachment, our loyalty to our "creator" notwithstanding the polemical and sterile reaction of the ominous birds on the "Presidential silence". No need to seek the Head of State at this time of global pandemic.

The President speaks to us through his "creatures" who carry out his orders on "High instructions". The time of the president is not the time of the people.

The time of the president is not the time of a certain opposition. The great Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo has the habit of saying: "the head of state is master of time. He is the only one who holds his Presidential clock, he acts according to his timing".

Paul Biya will undoubtedly emerge in the coming days from his long presidential silence and will address his people who are suffering the throes of Covid 19 this time without "High instructions" but rather in complete CONTAINMENT.