Saturday, April 18, 2020

Coronavirus: the lesson of Dominique Ouattara passes to Chantal Biya

Ivorian first lady Dominique Ouattara has made a donation of more than 200 million FCFA to the populations of Greater Abidjan to resist the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic. It was Thursday, April 16, 2020 during a press briefing given in Abidjan.

Food products with a net value of 210 million FCFA, this is the action that instituted on Thursday April 16, 2020 the wife of Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara. To anticipate the rapid progression of covid-19 in Ivory Coast, the head of state's wife distributed food products to the populations of six large cities in Greater Abidjan. Its objective is "to help the populations of these poor localities to fight against the new covid-19", as it explained via a press point given Thursday April 16, 2020 in Abidjan. The megalopolis which has in its arteries of Greater Abidjan - together of several suburbs of the city of Abidjan - the cities most affected by poverty and precariousness inside the country, was threatened by the impact of the Covid- 19. 

It seemed "important to act quickly", and "to help these populations get out of the abyss of the new pandemic", as indicated by the wife of Alassane Ouattara. The main beneficiaries are the cities of Bonoua, Assinie, Jacquesville, Grand-Bassam, that of Dabou and Azaguié. Rice, fish, sugar ... are among other elements of the food panoply that were distributed to the various households in the aforementioned cities on Friday. A surge of solidarity brought to the populations of the Ivorian economic capital. The fact remains that “The families of Abidjan is the epicenter of the pandemic in Côte d'Ivoire. The populations of the suburbs of the city are in quarantine and certainly more affected than the rest of the country and like a whip, they feel the particularly dangerous character imposed by the virus",

Although some Ivorians through this gift, see it as an attempt "to wash away the tarnished image of her husband", the gesture of the Ivorian first lady is "an act of plebiscite", for Prime Minister Gon Coulibaly. Other wives of African Heads of State could, as part of a relentless fight against covid-19, initiate the same impetus of generosity and concern as Dominique Ouattara. The first lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, who always likes to give herself as a fervent donor to treat children's illnesses, has not yet spoken on this important case of covid-19. Her almost absent presence, noticed by a heavy grave silence - like that of her husband - let believe that the health and food donations of Chantal Biya have faded, 

In the process, Dominique Ouattara recalled the great importance of respecting the protection measures indicated by the Ivorian government. 210 million FCFA distributed over the 13 districts of Abidjan, to support the populations of these places to better arm themselves in order to fight against the current number one danger in the world. On this date, Alassane Ouattara's wife is still the only first lady to have considered a real step in the fight against covid-19 on the continent.