Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus: how Nourane Foster bows to Atanga Nji, finally

The Minister of Territorial Administration opposed in a press release published yesterday April 07, 2020, the mobilization of the funds engaged by the political parties and associations within the framework of the fight against the Coronavirus.

Paul Atanga Nji invited the initiators to immediately put an end to these initiatives and to close any bank account opened for this purpose. The super chief of land also recalled that these collections started, among others, by the MRC and the PCRN in particular, violate the provisions of the law of July 21, 1983 on calls for public generosity and the decree of August 14, 1985 on the conditions for granting the authorization to appeal to public generosity. 

The Government member also maintained that this step is subject to his prior authorization and invited the commercial banks and micro finance establishments where the accounts dedicated to these operations are domiciled to close them.

What pushed the elected representative of the Nation, the honorable Nourane Foster, to get closer to the authority in order for his situation to be regularized "This April 08, I was received in audience by the Minister of Territorial Administration #MINAT for 40 min! A request for authorization has been submitted. We have also touched on subjects as diverse as they are varied, in particular the STATE of Cameroon's strategy in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic! It was a nice contact between your Deputy 2.0 and the "Minister of the Interior", she wrote on her Facebook page.