Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Coronavirus: centenary Nfon Victor Mukete attacked!

The Royal Palace of Bafaw in the city of Kumba is a plain white bungalow with a wavy roof, surrounded by a wire fence. Built at the wealthiest end of K city behind the famous Metropole hotel, the house is used by Bafaw monarch, Nfon VEMukete, whenever business brings it to town.

It was there Monday night that Chef Mukete began self-isolation from the coronavirus and immediately read the news of his disappearance on social media. 

Although the Bafaw royal family has yet to reveal a reason for the numerous false news attacks against the king, palace sources now say it is being carried out by supporters of the interim government of southern Cameroon led by the vice president Dabney Yerima. Many Ambazonians feel that the king has betrayed them and drifted to French Cameroon. 

Nfon Mukete has reportedly received numerous death threats since joining the Senate and supporting the unique and indivisible Cameroonian doctrine of President Biya.

The Cameroon Intelligence Report correspondent in Kumba revealed that Chief Mukete is simply following government instructions that everyone must stay at home and now spend their day at the palace. 

Her first son, the Hon. Abel Mukete, who also spoke to our undercover reporter, observed that “Pa is currently writing a new book. He is doing extremely well. "