Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus: the Biya regime sacrifices the population and prevents it from being saved

While President Paul Biya has been absent since the outbreak of the Covid-19 health crisis in Cameroon, a plan to respond to the discount has been put in place. The opponent Maurice Kamto has initiated a SOCIAL action to help equip the populations against the pandemics; an incredulous Minister of Biya has just declared this action illegitimate with an order to suspend it.

A salutary initiative 

Initiated on April 3 by Maurice Kamto, the popular initiative called "SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL INITIATIVE" is a practical response to the contemptuous silence of Paul Biya since the announcement of the first case of Covid-19 in Cameroon-in early March. This initiative has three major objectives: first, to help respond to the health emergency; second, to respond to the social and economic impact of the pandemic; and, thirdly, to prepare the battle for the reconstruction of communities and the survival of the Cameroonian nation abandoned by the one who claims to be the President of the Republic. 

While the government is genuinely out of breath in front of the spectacular rise in the number of Covid-19 cases, the social response initiated by Maurice Kamto more as a citizen in love with Cameroon aims to support medical personnel, the Cameroonian populations and work for mass screening of people affected by the pandemic in Cameroon. An initiative well underway because the chairman of this committee has just been revealed to the public. He is an expert in economic matters; Christian Penda Ekoka; As such, he clarified on April 7 that the strategy of this unit will be focused on working for a clear break in the chain of contamination of this virus. “Our first actions focus on the local manufacturing and distribution of masks and hydroalcoholic solutions. ", He said. 

In a concern for transparency and in an inclusive approach, the chairman of the management committee of SURVIVAL FUND carried correspondence on April 7 to the Order of Doctors of Cameroon, to the Ministry of Finance, to the Directorate General for National Security, to the Ministry of Territorial Administration, the Ministry of Public Health and the Secretary of State for Defense in which they asked them to each send a representative who will sit on the team of the management committee of this popular initiative. 

An approach whose seriousness recalls the vagueness with which the regime in place manages all the resources received in the context of the fight against the pandemic in Cameroon. Since the donation of the Chinese billionaire received on March 26, the 100 million and the 250 million given to the State of Cameroon respectively by the businessmen Baba Danpulo and Sylvestre NGOUCHIGUE, 150 MILLION FCFA granted by the bank UBA and 1 billion of the taxpayers promised by Paul Biya allegedly in his grave silence, people have no idea what it is. Resource management is known only to the government.

The people just content themselves with suffering. We remember that recently, the Minister of Health was arrested by a Covid-19 patient on the web. "My condition is getting worse, my respiratory distress is collapsing, they have no oxygen, everything that the doctors give me here does not change, they say they wait for the results to move on to another treatment." What to do, Minister? I'm struggling with death, ohhh my country, ”she wrote. Anything that has cause for concern about the real will of the Cameroonian authorities to rescue the population. 

An initiative followed 

Maurice Kamto's initiative met with unprecedented assent from Cameroonians inside and outside. The “SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL INITIATIVE” managed to collect 100,000 Euro in one day, or nearly 60 million CFA francs. to date, the amount deposited is € 375,308, or more than 246 million FCFA. Contributions continue to increase due to the confidence that the initiative inspires. But it is not viewed favorably by the regime in place. 

The Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji has just signed a press release to end the fundraising actions undertaken outside that initiated by the Head of State in the context of the fight against Coronavirus; namely that initiated by Maurice Kamto. It is neither more nor less than relentlessness when we know that the president the president of the management committee of SURVIVAL FUND took the trouble to solicit the implication of the State in this citizen initiative. In particular, a letter was sent to this sulphurous minister who decides to end it. 

Irresponsible government

The government in place is however not likely to inspire the confidence of Cameroonians. The global blunder that Cameroon experienced with the withdrawal of Can Total 2019 is a perfect illustration of this. The preparatory sites for the competition had been the subject of several vague contracts with companies in charge of the realization; there had been question of the over-the-counter contract, the dividends of which fraudulently returned to certain pundits of the Biya regime, at the forefront of which its Cabinet Director Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. Several ministers and other secretaries general were cited in this vast financial scandal (of several hundred billion) which not only sealed the continuation of the Can 2019 construction sites in Cameroon, but also led to its withdrawal for lack of preparation. 

If some will be tempted to believe that the death toll from Covid-19 will arouse compassion or the will to make good use of it on the part of the Cameroonian authorities, the distraction of the funds provided for the victims of the railway tragedy d 'Es├ęka, which left 80 dead and more than 740 injured in Cameroon, is a fact that reminds the indifference of the corrupt Cameroonians in any situation. The torment of the victims is noticeable years later. It is not this thug diet that we can trust; a regime that is not capable of the least sacrifice to support the fight against the Coronavirus. In other African countries, some of which are less affected than Cameroon, members of the government, deputies and senators are mobilizing in this direction. 

Population sacrificed 

The sulphurous Minister of Territorial Administration refers to the penal code to prohibit this initiative as it would be illegitimate. Well see everything that is legitimate is only what really suits the Biya regime. The numbers of Covid-19 patients and fatalities also appear to be also illegal. It probably takes the anointing of a phantom president to legalize it. We deeply regret the delusional obstinacy of this minister, who caused the death of several compatriots in the majority English-speaking regions because of his bad faith and bad faith. 

So the whole world is plunged into a serious health crisis; that instead of encouraging initiatives for which we have been notified, Paul Atanga Nji brings back his political hatreds against the MRC. To be convinced of this, it can be recalled that for several decades Paul's CPDM has taken actions of this order without being worried; some constituencies have already worked in a specific capacity to collect operations to combat the Coronavirus. Obviously in Cameroon, the needy will be left to die in the name of abject political battles.