Friday, April 3, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: 'France' publicly exposed Biya's successor

The secrets are out there. "I tell you from you to me." It is confidential, and no one should know that I told you that the Cameroonian president told me that… ”. Would the language have so itched it to the confidential diplomat known for his proximity to President Biya so that he does not know how to keep for himself the almost testamentary secrets of his illustrious friend? We could answer by the affirmation with regard to the crisp details of the indiscretions attributed to Gilles Thibault, (the former Supervisor General of the French perpetual colony of Cameroon) that our colleague J. Rémy Ngono listed on the site. Read only to know what to expect from France and Biya, in full preparation of an over-the-counter succession.

All joyful, sparkling eyes, the former French ambassador to Cameroon Gilles Thibault, specialist in the small perimeter of the secrets of Paul Biya, with his position of height of view of Paris which dictates the decisions of Yaoundé, has confided in the succession of Paul Biya which is currently playing behind the scenes of the Elysée Palace and the Quai d'Orsay. 

For him, Maurice Kamto is automatically excluded from the race. The second choice will come neither from the opposition, nor from the virtuous circle of ministers of Paul Biya who are considered as the unshakable galactics of the regime and close to the First Lady. The French ambassador, straight bust, master on board, has rather confided in an authorized ear that the Secretary General for the Presidency of the Republic Ngoh Ngoh, in the front lines for the chaotic management of the CAN markets, will be arrested soon and nut. And not only him! 

Considered the son of Paul Biya and the first in the class of ministers in a state of grace, Minister Louis Paul Motazé, is also placed at the foot of the scaffold, according to the confidences of the senior French diplomat. Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mpwatt alias Mini Pam Pam Chaud Gars, brother-in-law of the president, Minister of Sports assigned to the Department of Culture, will finally disembark to go hang out with Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o at the central prison of Yaoundé. Nganou Djoumessi, the minister who drew all the lights on him in the fictitious and overbilled markets, should also join his son who has already been detained by the Special Criminal Court. 

And finally who will remain in pole position for the succession after this interminable series of arrests? "Franck Biya will succeed his father," replied the French ambassador with conviction. We didn't see it coming!

Far from excessive starization, different from the kind of spoiled child, a little smooth image, cut from the quarrels of succession between the Nnanga tribe from which the First Lady comes and the Bulu tribe from which the head of state, the son of Paul Biya appears as the pawn of future times for France. After throwing the opposition into all the torments and eliminating all the strong links of the regime, Paul Biya will leave a boulevard for Franck Biya carefully hidden by the security arsenal. 

Architect of the construction of this estate, Paris wants to short-circuit the American military intervention and orchestrate a transfer of power in Cameroon as in Gabon between Omar Bongo and his son Ali Bongo, or in Togo between Ggnassingbe Eyadema and Faure Ggnassingbe. However, unlike Obiang Nguema who has already appointed his son vice-president or Omar Bongo who had entrusted the big ministries to Ali Bongo, Franck Biya has no political experience and ignores the power traps. 

France, which does not want to cut itself off from its roots and its nourishing udders through its multiple interests, has therefore validated the upcoming arrests of bulky dolphins to allow Paul Biya, on his last line, to drive political mechanics of high precision. A wide ministerial handling is announced. Will Franck Biya be in government?