Thursday, April 9, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: cohabitation with a sailor responsible for the death of Irene Biya

He is perhaps one of the rare Cameroonians who knows the true face of President Paul Biya for having proclaimed for a long time his "privileged relationship" with the tenant of the Etoudi palace.

Daniel Yves Ebalé Angounou, since this is him, created the controversy in the 2000s by publishing several works on the intimacy of President Paul Biya like "Sang pour Sang" or "the real face" by Paul Biya ”. In this last work, the controversial author reveals some dark episodes of the life between Paul Biya and his first wife Irène Biya. Extract… 

Jeanne-Irène and Paul, a model couple? Initially, yes. When they got married, they believed in love. They still believed in it when they returned home, sure to love each other, and to live together according to the usual formula, "for better and for worse". 

Things changed when he had to become head of state. Admittedly, it was very beautiful at the start. Then she started to feel like a sag; he was no longer hers, he no longer belonged to her. The passage of time gradually detached them. She felt that he was no longer interested in her, as it once was. And that worried him. 

Until the day when things finally became clearer, after the failed putsch. Magical practices and sorcery further separated them from each other, physically and morally. To the point of not even being able to speak for whole days. And to make efforts to avoid meeting. 

Considering this atmosphere, she asked him several times to have a serious chat, but he was always able to find a way out, citing "his heavy responsibilities", which did not allow him. So much so that she came to consider running away; for it is not easy for a woman to accept being betrayed by her husband, and what is more, with men, as if he had found in them better than what she brought to him. More serious, when under his nose, the husband pushes the plug to the point of zoophilia. This means that he really doesn't need her anymore, to the point of preferring animals to him. 

The unfortunate wife will then ally a young non-commissioned officer in the navy, on duty at the presidential security, to ask for her help, and plan a fugue together. This handsome sailor, although younger than she, may well be her companion, once in other skies. Certainly, if his nephew, Motaze Roger, the aide-de-camp of the head of state, had agreed to help him flee, things could have been viewed with more optimism. But the captain says he has sworn "honor and loyalty" to his President, and could not betray him in any way.

Preparations for the fugue are going well, but that's without taking into account the insight of the Palace's specialized services. The young sailor will be suddenly detached from presidential security to join his corps, and immediately go to the front, where military maneuvers oppose, in the border area, Cameroon to one of his neighbors. Jeanne-Irène will soon learn, in the days that follow, that he fell on the battlefield, from a bullet in the back. 

The unhappy girl will then become more desperate and resort once more to Captain Motaze, her nephew. But he is unwilling to do anything for her. She also seems to lose sight of the fact that in the event of her running away and if Roger's responsibility were to be established, he would have to answer to the Head of State. She finally resolves to clearly pose the problem to Paul: they must separate. Their marriage is only a storefront, an empty shell, a hollow shell. Everything between them now only rests on parody. When she makes a public outing, it is everyone who applauds it. But do we only know how unhappy she is? 

Already, she no longer goes out without sunglasses, to hide the bags and dark circles under her eyes, following her long nights of insomnia. When he married her, was he not anxious to see her happy? What has happened in him, so that he already rejoices to see her suffer, and enjoys making her unhappy? Wouldn't it be better if, under these conditions, they separate, so that each one leads the life that he would like to lead and is thus happy, without being a cross for the other?

The President's logic is simple and understandable: he wants to stay in power as long as possible. And to do this, the life he leads confirms him in his option. It does not matter that it traumatizes her because it is also that, the price to pay, to be the wife of a head of state. Each medal has its reverse. He is sorry they are there, but there is nothing he can do about it. Only, while he is enjoying this life, she is tortured by it, she pleads. But Paul is adamant. 

- So, please let me go and try to redo my happiness elsewhere. It is still possible for me. 

It would be a risk for him; many things could be displayed in broad daylight, such as this question on the "sterility" of Jeanne-Irene. If she were to conceive elsewhere, we will realize that it is he who has reproductive problems. More serious, these occult and magical practices are likely to be known to the general public. It is therefore better to hold her hostage.

Queen Fabiola. Upon her return, Jeanne-Irène said that she would never have been beaten up in her life as she was in Brussels. It is only just that Paul, having regained the vigor of his 18 years, did not kill her with strangulation. Simply because she decided not to return to the country. When they returned, she had her eyes hidden under her smoked glasses, to hide her dismay. 

And then, the President's new signet ring, acquired in Brussels where it was brought to him by a magnetizer who worked there for three years, is a terrible magic weapon which cost him the sum of 12 million CFA francs. He terrorized Jeanne-Irene with the powers of this precious jewel, so that she understood that she had no interest in forcing a run away. He could for example drive her mad by the virtues of her signet ring, wherever she has to flee, to take refuge. 

In another case, he could strike it down. On this subject, he served her a demonstration of the lightning emanating from this jewel to destroy objects around her. When she tries to kill herself, she hopes to at least arouse the emotions of yesteryear from her husband. The inner circle spread around her, to comfort her. 

But she was only waiting for one person, her President, who was obstinately absent. Ultimately, he stood at the door, to dare look furtively on her, and disappear seconds later. She will be evacuated to Europe for a check. Very few people knew that it had been a suicide attempt.