Friday, April 10, 2020

Cameroon: the tea towel burns between Galax Etoga and General Louba Zal

After government instructions to fight against the Coronavirus, on March 27, 2020, General Louba Zal, the commander of the third gendarmerie region, decides to deploy his elements in the Adamawa sub-prefecture in order to combat overloads in the vehicles that constitute potentially coronavirus vectors.

Four days after an entire general decided to redeploy his staff, Galax Etoga, the head of the State Secretariat for Defense objected. He stressed that he had to ask for his authorization. 

The truth is that Etoga wants to continue to control with his friends the Buisness of the money of the roads.

The children of the Ngo Ngo Ferdinand network like Etoga have become very harmful in this country. A bit like their godfather who brushes his teeth dreaming of replacing Biya.