Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Cameroon: A Suspected case of Coronavirus death reported In Banka

Mayor Joseph Nguessieuk conducted the burial operations on April 10, in accordance with government requirements.

Ghomi Kamga, passed away at the Ad Lucem Hospital in Banka on April 10 at around 3am.

According to the report drawn up by Dr Romuald Hentchoua, head of the Bafang health district "his chest x-ray and his death about eight hours later completes his clinical picture of strong suspicion ARDS on Covid 19+".

Thus alerted, Joseph Nguessieuk , the young mayor of the commune of Banka, arranged for the municipality under his responsibility to conduct the burial operations of Kamga Ghossi in accordance with the measures for the care of the bodies high risk to the environment.

The provision of a zinc-plated coffin, the choice of the burial site, the transfer of the remains and the burial secured by law enforcement forces are actions taken by the head of the communal executive of Banka. “Alerted following this death, I instructed the municipal teams to take appropriate measures. It is only a suspected death from Coronavirus. But we must be alert and careful. For the rest, we are continuing our actions to raise public awareness and to mobilize human and logistical resources to provide a response to this pandemic. I recommend to all the inhabitants of my commune and to the actors of the health system to remain alert. Personally, I have been in the field since Monday, April 06,

The burial of the young deceased took place in the municipal cemetery of BANKA in the presence of the sub-prefect of the district of Banka, the mayor of the town of Banka, the chief medical officer of Bafang district, the maintenance forces of the order and medical specialists.

This is an average youngster of 31 years old coming from Douala who arrived in Banka on 07/04/20 went to the hospital and on 04/09/2020 died eight hours after. afrinews.pro

Still, the Mayor of the town of Banka sends his warm and sincere thanks to the Honorable Marie-Louise Tchouanga for providing this municipality with a significant donation of equipment and tools to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, including masks. He salutes this gesture which testifies to the pioneering place of the sons and daughters of this commune in terms of development in Haut-Nkam. He is as satisfied as on Sunday 05 April 2020, he and all the members of the municipal executive of Banka, physically present on the ground, led an offensive against this pandemic. They invited everyone to respect the measures set by the prefect of the Haut-nkam department, in particular those prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages on site.

Hand washing with hydro-alcoholic solutions, respecting the distances between them and limiting the number of guests during ceremonies or customary celebrations. The Mayor of the town of Banka, through a press release made public on April 06, invites everyone to make their civic sense prevail. However, this municipal authority advocates that certain elites carry out actions in complementarity with the municipal executive for greater efficiency. This synergy should be coordinated by the municipality as in the Ndé department where the Minister of Urban Development and Housing through the Riprem has given substantial support to the four town halls of Ndé (Bangangté, Tonga, Bazou, Bassamba ) for a sustained and concerted response to Covid 19.


Photo credit: obosonewsinfo