Thursday, April 9, 2020

Cameroon Survival of Kamto: violent response of a journalist of Jeune Afrique to Atanga Nji

The reporter for Jeune Afrique deplores a decision that comes as "the epidemic is gaining ground" in Cameroon.

The communiqué of the Cameroonian Minister of Territorial Administration regulating the fundraising in favor of the layers exposed to COVID-19 remained in the throat of Georges Anicet Dougueli. 

In a Facebook publication entitled "Our decrees are better than your lives", the Cameroonian journalist, in service with the pan-African weekly Jeune Afrique, denounces an inversion of priorities, a cult of personality that borders on contempt for the human person. The silence of the President of the Republic of Cameroon since the start of the health crisis in the country does not leave him either without reaction. 

Here is the entire publication by Georges Dougueli 


Yesterday, a minister drew a press release to stop a call for funds to fight the ongoing epidemic. For the sole reason that the initiative comes from an opponent demonized by power. It is “illegal”, say these tropical “Excellencies”, while their country has only a few dozen respirators… We are there. They are ready for all sacrifices for HIM. 

HIM, is the most intelligent, most clairvoyant, most astute president in the world, even of the solar system. A virus threatens the human species with extinction? Don't panic, you won't see it, won't hear it. Besides why do you want to see it? You just need to apply his “High instructions”, transmitted by his collaborators with fervor to the people, such as the Tables of the law inspired to Moses by God. Except that this Moses, sovereign and condescending, did not even deign to descend from his mountain! Such a poor beggar people do not deserve this leader. The Pope, Queen Elisabeth II and all the others make so many speeches? So what ? Little players! Is it HIS fault if they don't know what a chef is? A real ? 

Meanwhile, the epidemic is gaining ground. Nothing new under the sun ... Besides, to be consistent, let's do like the Aztecs: erect human sacrifices as a religious and political institution. Why not ? It would make sense of this habit of unhappiness. We will finally know why we are chaining human or natural disasters, with hundreds of deaths: the April 6 coup, the gas from Lake Nyos, the fire at Nsam, the Camair crashes, road accidents Yaoundé-Douala, the derailment of Eseka… Bof, all this butchery killed thousands of Cameroonians but Cameroon is still there! Its president too! The rest does not count.