Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cameroon Survival: Behind the controversial Atanga Nji decision

The decision of the Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat), in his role to put an end to the collection of solidarity funds launched by Maurice Kamto, has thrown itself into uncertainty because for the time being, no one controls the from the war against the Covid-19.

Storm warning in case of a carnage? The intervention of the Minat, supported by the obligation to respect Cameroonian law in matters of authorization to appeal to public generosity, although legal, undermines two facts which may in the near future be seriously prejudicial to it with regard to protection of human life framed universally. At this level, we do not yet know what will be the response of the State which wants to be reliable in the war against the Covid-19 especially when the number one of Cameroonians is more than ever invisible when voices are raised to worry about his silence on the matter. The other part of uncertainty which puts the exit of the Minat in situation is the number of deaths that the virus will leave on the floor. 

At the time when many African States adopt muscular postures in the war against Covid-19, Cameroon seems very reserved in its approach on the question. While many have adopted war budgets that range in the hundreds or thousands of billions, with consequent accompanying measures, the country of Manu Dibango has only a kitty of a small billion. Thus countries like Senegal, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire and Gabon have taken more draconian measures, including containment measures, curfews and other measures to assist the population. The other aspect of the worrying question is precisely Paul Biya's physical commitment or involvement. If it’s not up to him to start the work of the government under his instructions, it also goes that in times of health war like this, his address to the Nation would have been most comforting. He did so in the war against Boko Haram in Paris, just as on several occasions he communicated on the conflict in the English-speaking regions of the country. 

In what interest? 

His involvement was most reassuring in each case. In Gabon, for example, Ali Bongo has already communicated three times on the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the solidarity account set up is not particularly funded as one would have expected. For the moment, the only minister reported who has put his hand in the pocket is Jean de Dieu Momo, with a contribution of 500,000 FCFA. What do other members of the government say? With this immobility, why will the Minat close where it is getting better and better? In what interest does he do it?

When psychosis is at its peak, does he realize the possibility that he weakens more than ever a people in the grip of uncertainty? What is legality in relation to protecting the life of an entire people? The thing becomes fraught with meaning when we know that the president of the Survival Management Committee addressed to six administrations including the Minat, requests from participants in the concerted management of this Fund. How then to understand the ban on this humanitarian program? More deaths would put power back to the wall We already know the OMS and even the UN estimate that the pandemic will claim millions of lives in Africa. What will happen to the death toll in Cameroon? Already, our country has the sad record of the most contaminated French-speaking sub-Saharan country. 

Some estimates establish that by the 20th of the current month, the country will exceed the milestone of 10,000 infected. In these gloomy forecasts, it goes without saying that the dead are linked, as announced by a certain opinion. It is possible that the head of internal security, in front of the massacre, explains the responsibilities of each other. By doing so, he would raise his own. 

The Covid-19 is an enemy and therefore acting in concert and in synergy is most desired. Perhaps the Minat, by striking the point on the table wanted to remind everyone that we must ask him for any initiative. In an emergency, is this always understandable, necessary and compulsory? This is the screen situation to the imperative of observing the laws.