Monday, April 13, 2020

Cameroon Political: 'Mr Penda Ekoka is a big crook and dishonest' by Iyo Gogo

"Let's say truths anyway". "Kamto and his Piggy of Directory MRC wanda grav me. Always trying to play the Monsieurs Propres a kind a kind. Truly this country is spoiled for 100 generations. Here is Penda Ekoka a big malho who has spoiled 300 sticks to the man of God, Belinga Eboutou to be appointed Counselor of Biya, the father of thoroughness and moralization. While Kamtoto has chastised him alone for 14 billion And chop it oklm with Ma'a Ju ... Today, he wants to be Name nGui The big heart of it.

Paul Biya, our father educated us and gave us "solid moral values". For 38 years we have known what "rigor, moralization", "honesty", "transparency", "reliability" mean. The big pierced head of Ekoka even want to shou koi us? Mebi melan! 

Kamto, Fogue, Ekoka .... Your big Cores! You understand nor ... We are tired of impostors. 

Pa'a Popol, Pa'a Popol, Pa'a Popol, save us !, save us! save us! Enough is enough! Enough is enough! Enough is enough! Adelsia .... yourself your long stones! Shit music! 

Pa'a Biya, What is ocher even? 

Today, In a Country where people are used to obscurity in the management of their social rights by arrogant leaders, 

Atanga Nji: He even wants to show us what?

You have taught us that good, beautiful, virtue, truth, honesty .... 

Atanga Nji: Don't forget transparency ....! 

Ah, yes Transparency ... It is: 

1. Centralize everything And not be responsible for anything, 

"only the entourage is always bad, except me" 

2. that Transparency International can classify US 1st in the world in corruption, And that you can corrupt so that you are no longer the 1st corrupt. SO, like corrupting corruption, against corruption so as not to be corrupt among the corrupt is not corruption, because we are corruptors But not corruptors! Guys, don't ask me the meaning, I don't know!

3. What a magistrate can say in 2013: your PV does not count, does not prove anything, only the PV of Elecam count :. And to say in 2018, the Elecam PV do not prove anything, So the 32 are not necessary, prove with your PV. 

4. That DGs diverting public funds can be appointed ministers, and that's healthy. since It is a former robber Who commands your representatives throughout the territory; moreover the 300 State companies which suffered from it, and died from it must accuse France, and not mismanagement .... 

5. That the police can rape me, strike me, crush my testicles, cut my two feet, kill me my fetus, and ask me the do and say thank you. That this is gratitude ... 

6. That one can indebted his children over 150 years, sell the lands to strangers, the gold from their underground to pay the debt, And accuse the non-native compatriots of invaders. 

7. That an Information Boss can capture a citizen at 2 p.m., sleep at 11 p.m. with his wife magistrate Who tomorrow at 11 a.m. will sentence her husband's accused to life. And it's ethical. 

8. That it is defensible to waste 200million for the jewelry of his wife, 30million per night in a Swiss hotel, more than a billion 500 per year for rush the Wine, 3000 billion for a CAN failed And tell his people take 40frs CFA each for you confine until new order, to its hospitals, will you manage, And to its thief Minister, I make you Minister of State ...!

9. That the highest magistrates of a country can validate as authentic, opposable And unassailable, three verbal proceedings, one signed with names, the other signed without names And a last having neither name nor signature . Thank you Atangana, but thank-you Amba Boys! 

10. In short, wood, diamonds, petroleum, iron, manganese, bauxite, water, copper, rare earths are well managed. Pougala told us that you liberated the Cameroonians from France to sell them to the Chinese, and that it's bieeeeeeeen ..

But Ekoka, You even want to cabbage what? 

Don't you know how we do transparency? Wait Mebe Ngo'o explain to you. 

Mebe says to him: 

_ Ekoka, you child, You are My big, But You are stupid until. When the njangui of Mida was already more than 250 million, It is the moment when You should not have called Mbarga Nguele, it is the police officer of the police officers, neither Motaze, the financier of the State, nor Maxi Ngo MBE , the civil society which says that you use its name to choua the do, whereas its own name is not credible And that own NGO does not manage to raise 2million. And above all You should not inform the public And go put them in ONE account. This is breaking the rules, "our rules" of transparency. I understand why the Martin hated you, and the father couldn't stand you.

You denied what public budget managed with such "opacity" for 38 years? Do you know how many international grants, public development aid, fundraising commissions, donations, public compensation and disasters we have "managed well" without managing the moods of Cameroonians? what did they do to us? Are you afraid of them, the diaspora unemployed? 

Now that you have that, you are going to "protect" oklm the 300bâ there how? How do you think I should do it? that the Presidency, the Ministers, the DGs, the Governors, the Generals, the Prefets, the Judges, the Rectors, the unions, the Religions, the Opponents, and even the IOs and the NGOs do how? without forgetting the Fecafoot! N'su nzut! 

Cameroonians are bastards. They don't like what you do there, because it's not "honest". we must respect the "values" of a People eh! An honest man In a dishonest society is a dishonest man. You know the adage nor. 

Little brother, Loukot eh ... This is the last time. It's the last! Tsuiiiip, mboutman! 

By the way, You don't have a little lofombo-Sucre there for me, it's hot here in Kodengui..

Journalist: Iyo Gogo