Friday, April 17, 2020

Cameroon: Laurent Esso drags Atanga Nji

The Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Laurent Esso castigates in private the "one man show" of his colleague from the administration of the territory and decentralization, Paul Atanga Nji. It is more and more criticized in pharmacies, for having particular problems with the elected president Maurice Kamto. This makes the Cameroonian government as a whole uncomfortable.

A government that has trouble leaving with the Covic-19. According to that the latter produced an administrative letter ordering Afriland First Bank to close an account which would belong to a political party but which it has neither identified but therefore nobody knows even if this account really exists. No number is produced. 

In fact, according to the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, a deference must be made between closing an account and freezing an account. According to him, MATD has no jurisdiction over banks. "And moreover, if it were necessary to arrive at a formal request for closure of an account, my colleague would have to demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this account threatens the security of the State which is his field of competence" affirms he and to specify "When the file will be brought before court, the main question which will be put to MATD will be: what is the evidence of threats on Cameroonian territory", insists Laurent ESSO. 

Speaking of account closure, the Cameroonian Minister of Justice makes a clear difference between closing an account and freezing an account. According to him, "Freezing an account is easier because you stop transactions in this account while you are clear. And a simple note from the prosecutor is possible, but on the instruction of the Minister of Finance who has jurisdiction over the banks. ” The fact remains that this account must exist. We have no evidence at this time. 

As for closing an account, the process is more complicated and slow because it invokes several stages, the main ones of which are "The 30 to 40 day period that must be offered to the client and above all a possible alternative for them to have their silver ". He specifies. And to conclude "We don't come to a bank like that, we close an account and the client takes his millions and leaves with". 

This other conflict which is now born between Laurent ESSO of justice and Paul Atanga Nji of the administration of the territory and decentralization shows that there is a serious problem of field of competence between different ministries and a cacophony which is more and more more observed and criticized and therefore the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, tried to end during his last outing.

But as if that were not enough, M Atanga Nji has just released a new letter in which he advances 4 reasons based on legal quibbles for a freezing of the account housed at Afriland First Bank. We thought that this minister would have settled down but that he would not. He persists in stupidity. 

In his letter of April 14, we note some curiosities: 

1- That he does not amplify his letter to the MRC or the Survival Initiative- Survival Cameroon that he says he is attacking. 

2- The freezing procedure, even if it is less difficult than that of closing an account, remains no less complicated. 

In any case, we haven't finished hearing about it.