Friday, April 10, 2020

Cameroon: Boko Haram Kills One Person In Mokolo

This umpteenth incursion was carried out by fifty attackers on the night of April 7 to 8.

According to the chairman of the Tourou vigilance committee, on the night of April 7 to 8, a gang of about fifty alleged combatants from the Nigerian terrorist sect Boko Haram made an incursion into the village of Toufou 1. After  persuasion, chanting their usual slogan "Allah Hou Akbar", they set fire to several concessions before going to ransack the Toufou 1 health center. In the aftermath, the results show an old man of about  70 years old killed.

Immediately alerted by certain members of the vigilance committee, the defense and security forces immediately began sweeping operations and started chasing the attackers in the early morning.  The attackers, seeing the threat, were forced to abandon some spoils at the level of the Hidoua talweg before returning to the other side of Nigeria where they have their rear base and from which they lead incursions on both sides.  another from the mountainous border.

For the people, this is one attack too many in view of the recurrence with which the Boko Haram operate along this border without suffering setbacks.  "It is a very commendable action that our defense and security forces have carried out by repelling the enemy, but we must seek to prevent these repeated incursions by acceding to the grievances of the populations who have clearly identified the various boulevards crossing the Boko  Haram, ”says Antoine Bouba, an elite from Tourou.

Tourou and its surroundings seem to be the privileged target of Boko Haram elements in this locality bordering Nigeria.  As proof, on the night of April 5, around fifty Boko Haram elements from the Nigerian side of Goshi broke into this village around 11 p.m.  During this visibly well matured and expertly prepared attack, the jihadists killed three people, in particular two by bullets, the so-called Htakou Douka and Fkalou Meguemé, aged 75 and 70 years respectively, and knife-throated, the so-called Matakon Houtsa.

According to the inhabitants of this village, the attackers had neither burned nor looted the village as usual.  These incursions plunged people back into stupor and led many residents to desert the village.