Friday, April 3, 2020

BREAKING: Dr Tchouamo is Dead, he is the first Cameroonian doctor to die from covid-19

The editorial staff of camerounweb has just learned of the death of Doctor Tchouamo Michel (ENT), on duty at the Douala general hospital.

According to our information, his death was due to Coronavirus. 

He is the first Cameroonian doctor to die from covid-19. 

According to the Minister of Public Health, Cameroon registers on April 2, 2020, 306 cases of people tested positive for Covid-19. Cameroon registers this April 2 306 cases in total. We learn that after one of the recent analyzes carried out by the health authorities, 22 new positive cases have been confirmed across the country. Three four regions of the country are currently affected. The Center, the Coast, the Southwest and the West. Cameroon thus becomes the third country the country most affected by the pandemic behind South Africa and Burkina Faso. The country counts 7 dead out of the 221 people who have already succumbed to Covid-19 on the continent. 

Results of the latest analyzes: 

Yaoundé: 20 positive / 63 (15 travelers) 

Bafoussam: 2 positive / 7

Dschang: 0 positive / 1 

Limbus: 0 positive / 1 

Or 22 positive this evening and a total of 306 positive cases in Cameroon. 

Let’s protect ourselves and protect others. 

Paul Biya is surprisingly the only president who has not yet personally addressed an address to his people since the onset of this serious global crisis. He is given for dead in Cameroonian opinion; and this grave silence has everything to approve that he is either insensitive to the suffering of his people, or dead.