Saturday, April 18, 2020

Biya's Incompetency: something is being prepared with the complicity of France

While the release of Paul Biya was widely expected around the world, his recent appearance in the company of the French Ambassador to Cameroon has given rise to disturbing silence from certain media including Jeune Afrique, Al Jazzera, New York Times and more surprising above all, the absence of the television channel Vision 4 which had become customary for demonstrations at the Presidency was not represented on this occasion.

For once since its creation, Vision4 has not been invited to the meeting of April 16, 2020 between President Paul Biya and Christophe Guilhou, Ambassador of France to Cameroon. Like other media outside of CRTV, vision4 was kept away from the meeting. What creates a questioning since in the past this media said to hold scoops of the Presidency. And why not this time? 

This meeting, which toured the web yesterday, wakes up this morning with several questions. For an event so long awaited and so publicized in Cameroon, why no international press is talking about it this morning, at least not in its front page. Neither RFI talks about it on its front page, neither Jeune Afrique, nor Al jazzera, nor Washington Post, to name but a few. 

Indeed, a great doubt arose when, when looking more closely at the video of the said meeting, the image specialists realized that the CrtvWeb video sequences show the same time from the arrival of the ambassador until 'upon his departure. No doubt a studio editing error but that raises questions. 

To reassure themselves, the serious media want to do some checks. Since yesterday, the researchers of its media are butted on subscribers absent both at the French Embassy and at the presidency of the Cameroonian republic. French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs does not mention this meeting which cannot take place without its agreement.

The international press also questions the real reason for this meeting when the Cameroonian people want Paul Biya, elected with 71% in October 2018, to speak to them. He seems to respond and speak rather to France, this mother country, however criticized only 2 months ago for interference in the affairs of Cameroon. 

At the end of this meeting Paul Biya did not take the opportunity to talk to Cameroonians about the Coronavirus, this pandemic which is hitting the world hard. Which is surprising. And the French Embassy does not seem to have asked him when he would speak to his people. Suddenly a specter of conspiracy or interference from France settles in Cameroonian affairs. The ambassador retweeted Paul Biya's tweet in a copy more than an hour after the meeting. 

In any case, what the organizers believed would be a master stroke of the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon to close the questioning on the state of health of Paul Biya could last the time of a spring mushroom or a fire of fireworks. Because only 24 hours later, the real question still remains: is Biya able to speak to Cameroonians or not?