Thursday, April 9, 2020

Biya's failure: Ministers Manaouda and Tchuinte get confused the more

At a time when Cameroon has just taken an official position for the treatment of patients who are positive for Covid-19 with chloroquine, the Minister of Public Health prefers to hand over the "beautiful baby" to the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, in turn lacking the financial means to buy the inputs.

Covid-19 health crisis. Who are we laughing at? After many hesitations and mistakes, while the numbers of patients who are positive for Covid-19 are only increasing, Cameroon, which fears to pick up the dead with a shovel, has finally decided to formalize the treatment of the coronavirus with chloroquine . This information appears in a correspondence from the Ministry of Public Health, signed on 06 April 2020 by Manaouda Malachie, and addressed to his colleague, member of the government, Madeleine Tchuinte, Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation. 

Curiously, less than 24 hours later, this correspondence, yesterday April 07, flooded the canvas thatched cottages and hot spots yesterday. Manaouda Malachie, who talks about the production of chloroquine by the competent services of Minresi, said that the doctors decided to combine chloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19. He writes. "As part of the implementation of our country's response plan against the coronavirus (Covid-19) and in accordance with the terms of your presentation during the cabinet council last month, regarding the possibility of production of chloroquine by your competent technical services. I have the honor to inform you that at the moment, the treatment protocol implemented by clinicians in the context of the treatment of patients who are positive for Covid-19 is built around chloroquine”. 

Lack of strategic government coordination 

Continuing in the same vein, Minsante admits that, "the product having been withdrawn from our market for a few years, the Covid-19 patient care units are currently out of said product". Difficult to understand how for such a serious subject, for a Covid-19 health crisis that hits the whole world, weakened, affects and devastates public health and the lives of Cameroonians, that the Minister chooses the very offensive approach and less effective of a correspondence which quickly found itself circulating on the web. "So I would like, if you have the necessary inputs available, to ask you to kindly start today, under the quality supervision of approved laboratories, the production of the said drug", underlines the correspondence of Manaouda Malachie. It is at this level that we note the lack of coherence, cohesion and the absence of strategic coordination of the government of Joseph Dion Ngute in the battle against the Covid-19. What can explain the choice of a simple correspondence from one minister to another? Was not Madeleine Tchuinte's presentation on the ability of her ministerial department to manufacture chloroquine having been made in favor of a cabinet council, was it not strategic and effective for the Prime Minister to step up? Joseph Dion Ngute is the one who, on behalf of the President of the Republic Paul Biya, coordinates the action to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in Cameroon. Why, for such a serious health crisis, 

Controversy over funding

At the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, if the correspondence arrived according to internal sources, there is a problem of the financial means to buy the inputs. The minister Manaouda Malachie who swung the letter to Minresi, does not give the consequent means whereas it is him which manages the solidarity fund created by the president of the Republic Paul Biya. But he himself reports the shortage of chloroquine. At the end of last week, while the Minresi was touring its technical installations, we clearly understood that there was an absence of material and financial means. Is Minister Manaouda Malachie asking to make chloroquine without inputs or money? The Minresi presented two “Robots” able to do the trick. Why is the government dragging on making the right decisions and in an emergency when the Covid-19 is making demonic and macabre strides? In countries like Burkina Faso, funds are released in emergencies and orders for inputs placed in China. Cameroon is waiting.

"My competent technical services, in particular the direction of the pharmacy, the laboratory and the drugs are at your disposal for any support". What support is Manaouda Malachie talking about if arrangements are not made for the release of the necessary money? If tomorrow there is the pressure of a lack of chloroquine, who will foot the bill? Instead of letting the tragedy of suspicion and the scapegoat take shape, the head of government must take responsibility. 

Except to think that Joseph Dion Ngute wants to let the Minister of Public Health and his colleague for scientific research and innovation, confine himself to a kind of ping-pong or to an epistolary exchange of correspondence. All this for a simple operation of financing the inputs required in the manufacture of chloroquine.