Friday, April 10, 2020

Between Nourane Foster and Cabral Libii, the separation is complete!

The two political leaders no longer get along. The young deputy 2.0 performs solitary acts every day in parallel with the initiatives of the party of which she is a deputy.

Obviously it is no longer going between Nourane Foster and Cabral Libii, the political boss of the PCRN. MP 2.0 is evolving more and more on the fringes of party activities. The last area of ​​expression for these dissensions is the field of collections for Cameroonians who are under confinement. 

It should be known, while the party through the voice of Cabral Libii announced that the party is setting up an organization to collect the contributions of its activists for the participation in the solidarity fund established by the government of Yaoundé, its the young representative of Wouri in the lower house of parliament and member of the PCRN seems not to be burdened with concerns related to party discipline. 

Nourane Hassana Fotsing has chosen to set up her own initiative. And unlike that of the party, it does not intend to return its contribution to the coffers of the government's solidarity fund, on the contrary. She has already planned a whole program to manage this money to be collected. Its collection budget is at least 50 million. 

It is not the first time that the two have publicly displayed their dissensions. We remember these publications by the Honorable Nourane the day after Cavaye Yeguié Djibril's return from France, when the latter refused to quarantine himself.

At that time the PCRN party made an exit through Anne Féconde Noah, spokesman of the party, who announced the disapproval of the party as for the irresponsible behavior of the President of the National Assembly. Prescribing distancing measures with the lower house as long as the PAN was not quarantined. 

A provision which has aligned with this position, and has even gone further. She decided to boycott the seats in parliament if the PAN did not become aware and returned to better measures: its quarantine. However, at the same time, the President of the PCRN is filmed going to visit the PAN at his home. 

A series of acts which led to Nourane Foster to question the sincerity of Cabral Libii as for his sincerity in the respect of the positions of the party on certain aspects of the political life. 

And to say that there would be other discussions and other deep disagreements between the two who have been smoldering since the phases of the legislative elections ... Hopefully there will be no public rifts between now and then. Because we are not far from it.

Source: Stéphane NZESSEU