Thursday, April 9, 2020

Between Fonds solidaire of Paul Biya and Cameroon Survival of Kamto, here is the best choice

Since the launch of the Survie-Cameroon Survival-Initiative program by Pr. Maurice Kamto, voices have been raised to denounce it. The highlight came from Mr. Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Phantom President Paul Biya. He brought out a lithanie of stone age laws to explain why these programs should end and that only the skinny billion dollar government-of-the-bald research-program - cacophonous-and-chaotic-management-mouse must be in place. Therefore, we must oppose this intimidation and say why for historical, ethical and humanistic reasons, we trust Professor Kamto and not this government of Kleptomaniacs-incompetent.

The Biya regime and fundraising in Cameroon 

Of the 38 years of power of Paul Biya at the head of Cameroon, our country has been struck by several disasters and calamites which have each time aroused the generosity of Cameroonians and even foreigners who have responded with massive help. However, their management has always been disastrous without the slightest condemnation of the crimes. The following examples are the most striking. 

In August 1986, Cameroon was bereaved by the Lake Nyos disaster. Solidarity from around the world swept over the country affected by this phenomenon, which has never appeared in the world. The Minister of Territorial Administration at the time, a Certain Jean Marcel Mengueme was responsible for managing his gifts in kind and in money. A few months later, the donations disappeared and the survivors abandoned to their own spells. People said that the minister had Menguemise donations. 

In 1994, To ensure a more than honorable participation of Cameroon in the Soccer World Cup which took place in the USA that year, the regime of Mr. Biya launched the famous operation Coup de Coeur. Carried by the memory of the fabulous epic of Italy 90, Cameroonians, even the poorest, donated who 50fr, who 100fr, who 1000fr, who 10,000fr or even 1,000,000fr. The collection was evaluated at 590 million CFA francs. How was this money managed? Question has 1 million dollar. Because, Minister Augustinn Kontchou Kouemeni alias Zero Death tells us later that the suitcase containing this sum was lost between the airports of Douala, Paris and New York. Go ask Joseph Antoine Bell how he got his participation bonuses. For memory, 

In 2019, to diversify the international pressure on the humanitarian crisis dependent on the NOSO fratricidal war, the government launched a campaign to collect 13 billion francs to help the victims of this war. Mr Atanga Nji is responsible for managing this fund. Today what has changed in the quality of life of the victims? how were these funds used? This is a real divine mystery. The observation that is made is that there is no resettlement camp for the displaced. They are left to fend for themselves as best they can. They are most often exploited or enslaved in their own country, often sexually, often in the fields, construction sites in houses. In conclusion, the management of this fund is opaque, ineffective and without effect.

The Biya Regime's Inability to Manage Well 

The three examples mentioned above each time demonstrate that the different governments of Mr Biya for 38 years have always shown themselves incapable of managing the donations collected to face the challenges they had to raise. Generally speaking, we notice rather that donations have always been squandered and diverted.  

How can we then continue to trust them? What should we do to take action that will prevent us from dying? These are the questions that challenge us. In the face of death, no law can give us life. Hence other questions: In order not to die, must we break the law? Are the laws still fair? What is the ethical value of the law? 

Ethics and Morals Impose the Law in Just Societies 

During the Second World War, French Catholic priests hid Jewish populations for long periods so that they were not arrested by Germans for the camps concentrations including death. These were illegal acts. But salutary acts to save lives. They deliberately chose to violate Nazi laws out of humanism to help these threatened populations. This example indicates that when the law is cruel or it does not serve the interests of men but of those who established it, it must be violated in order to do justice.

This principle is even the foundation of the struggle for civic emancipation. Indeed, like all the examples taken in the history of the emancipation of peoples, men must always oppose the established order when it is erected by a group at the expense of one or other groups . Two historical cases remind us of this. 

Rosa Parks in the 1955s violated the racial discrimination law in Alabama, refusing to give up his seat to a white man as provided by law. This initiated the demand movement for black Americans. The result was the reform made by President Lyndon B Johnson for the Affirmative Action Act. Without this law, many Cameroonians who live in the United States today could not have settled there. Barack Obama could never have been elected president of the USA. 

Closer to home, Nelson Mandela defied the prohibitions of apartheid laws to denounce this unjust system imposed on black South Africans then considered as sub-men. This earned him 27 years in prison, but he triumphed over it and afterwards transformed South Africa into a fairer society where the laws respect morality, ethics and value humanity. 

Based on the above lessons and the past of the respective governments of Mr. Biya for 38 years, the following observation is necessary. The laws mentioned by Mr. Atanga Nji cannot be respected in the case of struggle for the survival of the Cameroonian people on the one hand, and on the other hand, these laws are bad, unsuitable and do not meet the requirements of the hour. . In addition, faced with the notorious immorality, irresponsibility and kleptomania of the Biya system, Cameroonians cannot and do not want to continue to make donations to those who always want to fill their pockets once again at place to help the people who are in distress. So let's inflate the Cameroon Survival Initiative piggy bank and save lives in Cameroon.

Journalist: Kinglo Bayele