Friday, April 17, 2020

Beti Assomo visits war-wounded soldiers at the Yaoundé military hospital

By order of the Head of State, Head of the Armies and Minister of Defense in Cameroon, the Minister Delegate for the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense, Joseph BETI ASSOMO was this Friday April 17 morning at the bedside of the wounded Cameroonian soldiers on the various ongoing war fronts involving our army.

They come from Bamenda, Buéa, the Far North of Cameroon and many other regions where our army is called upon to defend Cameroonian territory. Men and women who suffer from various ailments. Trauma of various kinds, fractures. 

Some soldiers will never walk again, with their legs amputated because they were badly damaged while defending the colors of the country. Others believe that other parts of the body are amputated. Difficult to see images. Images that illustrate the level of sacrifice made by these sons and daughters of the Nation for the defense of our territorial integrity.

Joseph BETI ASSOMO toured the Military Hospital of Yaoundé. It was a question for the Minister for Defense to ensure that soldiers are taken care of in good conditions. Furthermore, in this period of health crisis, considering the propensity of the Covid 19, it was important that these Cameroonians were not contaminated by this virus within the hospital.

Joseph Beti Assomo came "to ask them to comply with the measures put in place by the doctors and the nursing staff. Measures that are put in place for the benefit of soldiers, visitors to the hospital, but also for families. ” 

The minister also carried a message from the President of the Republic to the soldiers. "For the Head of State, he wants each of you to recover his health and that you join your comrades on the battlefield for those able to do it" 

Colonel BIBI Didier, the Director of the Yaoundé Military Hospital, said he was satisfied with this visit by the Minister Delegate to the institution for which he is responsible. For his part, he does not skimp on any means to ensure the health security of military patients, but also civilians that he receives in the hospital. This attention has greatly reassured men of rank who are currently ill.