Monday, April 6, 2020

1984 coup: this is what the putschists were really targeting

On this 36th anniversary of the failed coup against the then new regime of Paul Biya, we must salute the foresight of Captain Guerandi Mbara, kidnapped from France and physically liquidated in Cameroon in 2013 by the Cameroonian secret services, thanks to the complicity of the French arms dealer Georges Staeckman. Yes, Guerandi Mbara was a visionary because the drama that millions of Cameroonians live today under the gangster regime of Biya, this junior officer of the Cameroonian army saw it coming when he and his comrades from the Young Officers movement for the Survival of the State (JOSE) tried to take back by force the power entrusted to Paul Biya by Amadou Ahidjo on November 6, 1982.

In an interview he granted on April 4, 2009 to Cameroonvoice, a web radio station based in Canada, Guerandi Mbara begins by emphasizing that the coup of April 6, 1984 was not intended to bring Ahidjo back to power because the JOSE movement , he explains, had already started to create secret cells in 1975, fortified by the corruption and the squandering of public resources which were already rampant and which were accentuated from the arrival of Paul Biya in power: do not remember the phrase 'it's our turn now'?… who does not remember the wasting of financial resources in the name of the creation of a certain ethno-regionalist bourgeoisie? Who does not remember the arbitrary arrests, the desire to annihilate the businessmen of certain regions targeted by this ruling ethno-fascist clan, there I think of the merchants bamiléké and islamo-peuhl? “Recalls Guerandi Mbara in this interview. 

It is therefore this "ethno-fascist clan" that was targeted by the JOSE movement. This extremist and village clan which says of the tribe of lords, born to govern but which as of the arrival of Paul Biya with the capacity only concern only to collect the maximum money possible: “Everything was happening as if we had to fill our pockets as quickly as possible before it was too late ", underlined the second lieutenant Yaya Adoum in the message of the putschists read on Radio Cameroon on April 6, 1984 but which did not limited to the city of Yaoundé. This, thanks to Gabriel Ebili, a technician from Radio Cameroon. 

It is therefore this ethnofascist clan known as Ekang-Beti who fights body and soul to confiscate the apparatus of the State ad vitame eternaem. It is this ethnofascist clan with bandit chief Paul Biya who wildly looted the Cameroonian Banking Company (SCB) in the late 1980s. It is this ethnofascist clan who decreed that a bamileke will never take the power in Cameroon. It is this ethnofascist clan which armed terrorist militias such as CAFE, Nkul Nnam, to kill the members of the student movement Le Parlement which, in the early 1990s, demanded better study conditions at the University of Yaoundé as well that the return to democracy.

It is this extremist clan which, thanks to its special services, set up Operation Sparrowhawk to exterminate by imprisonment for financial embezzlement the fine flower of the ruling elite, particularly that Beti, endowed with proven skills, high sense of state and therefore better able to lead Cameroon. It is this ethno-fascist clan which fights the opponent Maurice Kamto, who created the Patriot Brigade to fight the Anti-Sardinard Brigade (BAS), an anti-Biya citizen movement created by Cameroonians in the diaspora after presidential election of 2018. It is this same powerist clan Ekang-Beti who wants to impose on us Franck Biya as his father's successor at the head of the state, to continue to take control of the wealth of the country, to continue to torture , massacre and demean the Cameroonian people. 

In view of the damage already committed by this collection of incompetent, pleasure-seekers and adventurers who claim to be of the race of "lords", of "born to govern", there is reason to welcome the initiative of Guerandi Mbara and of the JOSE Movement, the success of which would have spared Cameroon and Cameroonians, the curse that has beenfall them for 38 years of Biya reign.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong