Wednesday, April 15, 2020

1 billion released for covid-19: Me Pensy questions Paul Biya properly

The Head of State has created a special fund with the sum of one billion FCFA to fight against the Coronavirus.

The announcement was contained in a press release signed on April 31 by the Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office, Séraphin Magloire Fouda. A sum deemed very insufficient including by activists of the presidential party, the CPDM. 

Guest of the debate program "Right of Reply" last Sunday on Equinoxe Television, Me Emmanuel Pensy, fiercely criticized the amount allocated by Paul Biya to deal with the health crisis which is dangerously spreading in Cameroon. 

The executive of the party in power, lawyer at the Paris and Cameroon Bars, says he does not understand how we can put so many billions in crazy projects like the CAN and that we are unable to do the same for a question of health emergency “With this pandemic, we have to change the way we govern. I will tell you only one thing: What is the point of putting 2000 billion FCFA on the stadiums when we have nothing to treat people who are sick? It makes me sick, ”said the lawyer.

Me Pensy does not stop there, he continues “We must change our methodology, the way we use our funds. This pandemic should be able to cause us to change our way of governing, "wishes this fervent activist of the Cameroonian People's Democratic Rally". 

In his arguments, the lawyer pointed out that Cameroon is in dire need of nursing staff in hospitals. According to him, the Cameroonian doctors are numerous abroad and do not want to come to work in the country, because they will not have good wages once there. 

“They don't come because they are badly paid, because the money is only given to people who have left ENAM. Because we give money to people who steal. Those who heal, we martyred them, "he fumed.