Monday, March 16, 2020

Yaoundé: a vehicle reported catches fire in Nkolbisson

The incident occurred this morning of Monday, March 16, 2020 in Nkolbisson, arrondissement of Yaoundé 7ème, department of Mfoundi, region of the Center.

It is a 90 brand vehicle that went up in smoke not far from the locality "Carrefour Tsimi" in Nkolbisson and in front of a primary school. Given its condition, hardly the car could still be useful for breakage. 

According to testimonies collected on the spot, it was around 8 am that a gentleman, dressed in a "gray suit" was surprised by the flames while he was driving his vehicle. 

The beginning of the flames 

“We only saw how the smoke started to come out and the fire came out little by little. The gentleman was alone in his vehicle, ”said an eyewitness. 

According to our sources, it was with great sorrow that the man in his forties sounded managed to get out of his vehicle because, seized with fear and panic.

“When the fire started, I saw how he put his hands on his head since all the doors locked. It was even another person who came to shoot him by the door. And he only had time to save the briefcase that was in the back seat, ”said another witness. 

Attempts to extinguish in vain ... 

For almost an hour, the flames dictated the law despite the efforts of local residents to extinguish them: "We poured sand to try to put out the fire but in vain", coward a volunteer. 

While the four-wheeled vehicle continues to burn, on one side of the road in the direction of the Mokolo market, other vehicles and motorcycle taximen persist in passing without fear despite the seriousness of the fire. 

When the security forces arrive, this side of the road is blocked for fear that the flames will reach the tank and cause more damage: "Stop, and the pedestrians, get away from there!" “Grumbles a policeman, addressing drivers as well as populations who hasten to take photos and videos using their smartphones.

Late arrival of firefighters 

At 8:53 am, the vehicle is only a skeleton. This is how we see the firefighters disembarking to extinguish the last flames but the car meanwhile is already unrecoverable. 

So far, no cause for the fire has been mentioned. The owner of the vehicle, for his part surprised, discreetly withdrew from the premises. 

The security forces have undoubtedly made a report which could give additional elements to this event which not only caused delay to the citizens who went about their business, but also plunged them in an indescribable worry not without causing the most traffic jams crazy. 

When the team left, the carcass was still placed on the main road, snatching looks of amazement from users.