Friday, March 6, 2020

Work-study program: Paul Biya is not Alassane Ouattara

Total surprise: on March 5, 2020, Alassane Ouattara, President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire since May 2011, announced, almost at the turn of a speech given to nearly 350 deputies gathered in Congress in Yamoussoukro, that he would not would not be a candidate in the next Ivorian presidential election on October 31, 2020, and this "to transfer power to a new generation" he immediately added.

Thunderbolt also for Africa which has been seeking, since the decades of independence (sixty years for many French-speaking States this year), a model for democracy! 

Indeed, if the English-speaking countries of the continent generally lend themselves to the exercise of political alternation or respect for their Constitution, which fixes and limits the rule to two five-year terms, it is quite different for French-speaking countries. 'Africa. 

Some have no limitation of mandates, others are trying to modify their Constitution to add yet another mandate. Others still, like Alpha Condé in Guinea, are trying to extend the presidential lease at 80 years old when their people have only one desire, that they leave room! And what about Paul Biya, in Cameroon who is in his eighth term, or Denis Sassou-Nguesso in power since 1979 (with a single interruption from 1992 to 1997)… 

More recently, Guinea-Bissau stood out by having two presidents, one legal and interim, appointed by Parliament pending the decisions of the Supreme Court, the other, in a hurry, being invested, in a hotel, on the sly…

President Ouattara could amend the Constitution and run for a new term. He preferred the "exit from the top" by respecting the institutions, by preparing his succession and by leaving a stable and prosperous country, more than ever "locomotive of ECOWAS". 

Wise in line with Houphouët-Boigny, he thus gives a strong signal to the "cartel" of African heads of state, among whom, some still did not understand that their country was not their property but that of their people! 

Emmanuel Macron greeted Alassane Ouattara a man of his word and statesman, adding: "Tonight, Côte d'Ivoire sets an example". Biya, Sassou Nguesso and the others will appreciate…