Saturday, March 21, 2020

Victor Fotso's Death: here is the list of all 43 Fotso companies struck off by Gicam

At the end of its session held on January 12, 2018, the GIAM Executive Council, ruling on the financial situation of its members vis-à-vis the Grouping and in accordance with the announcement made at the ordinary general meeting of December 21, 2017 , resolved the striking off of 43 companies that have been in default for at least two years.

This decision, we learn, was taken in accordance with article 02 of its Rules of Procedure. "It is the result of a contradictory procedure where the opportunity was given to each party concerned to be heard on the facts", informs Le GICAM. 

Among the members deregistered from this employer group, the largest in the country, we note for example the battery manufacturing company of Cameroon (Pilcam), the billionaire Victor Fotso, the Internet access provider Ringo SA, the manufacturer of Unalor matches, from the Cameroonian billionaire, Samuel Foyou, or the International Society for Railway Works (Sitrafer). 

The list of 43 companies delisted from GICAM: