Monday, March 30, 2020

URGENT: this is what happened at the Cma de Lafe-Baleng quarantined health center

These people are said to have been in contact with an infected patient. And we learn that one of them is already contaminated.

We receive this information from the Regional Public Health Delegate for the West. 

According to this health authority, "a positive Covid-19 case has been confirmed at the Cma de Lafe-Baleng". Problem, this case "is a health staff on duty in said center," he said. 

This staff, we learn, was infected with the 3rd positive case of Covid-19 in Cameroon during the latter's stay, from March 18 to 23 in this CMA.

Thus, the head of Health in the Western region thinks that "all the staff of this structure has been exposed". He advocates the "quarantine of all personnel" of the Lafe-Baleng Cma. 

In addition, the regional delegate of Public Health for the West, requests the systematic removal of all the staff of this structure, the disinfection of the Center, and invites all patients who have consulted in this center to make themselves known. 

The city of Bafoussam, regional capital of the West, where the third patient was transferred, is one of the centers of spread of the coronavirus in Cameroon. Two cases were detected there this Sunday, March 29.