Sunday, March 15, 2020

URGENT: Paul Biya to appear before the International Criminal Court in April 2020 for genocide committed in Southern Cameroon

Several high-ranking personalities from Cameroon will soon be summoned to appear at the International Criminal Court. According to Chris Anu, head of communications for the interim government of Ambazonia, the ICC is ready to receive their complaint and a summons should reach those involved in the English-speaking crisis no later than next month (April 2020). The separatists bringing this complaint have retained the services of the powerful law firm Delvalle PLLC, based in Washington DC which has already known similar cases "in Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Nigeria and many others African and Eastern European countries. "

Will be called to appear, imminent Cameroonian personalities including the President of the Republic Paul Biya, several of his collaborators and high ranking officers of the army. 

“They are accused of genocide and crimes against humanity. If found guilty of crimes against humanity, Mr. Biya and his friends could end up behind bars, like former Chadian President Hissène Habré, or Charles Taylor and others, "said Chris Anu. 

The communication manager of the government of Ambazonia specifies that the current operation will be carried out within a short time because the contract signed with the law firm spans six months ”.

“A lot of work should be done in the next six months. Paul Biya and the authors should receive their summons to the ICC by the end of this month or next month, "he said. 

The English-speaking crisis has claimed thousands of lives. The president of Ambazonia still in detention Sisiku Ayuk Tabe evokes the frightening figure of 30,000 deaths including several women and children. Several reports accuse the Cameroonian army of massacres of civilians in the North West and South West regions of the country. The government and the army hierarchy have always denied the allegations against them.