Thursday, March 26, 2020

URGENT: Paul Biya leaves Cameroon in a medical plane

According to indiscretions, the Cameroonian president is not in good health. Posted at Douala airport, a plane took him on the afternoon of March 25 for an unknown destination for medical treatment.

Paul Biya's trip was done in the utmost discretion this March 25 at Douala International Airport. It was the procession that surrounded it that revealed the identity of the host that a medical plane has been waiting for since the early morning of March 25. It comes back to us that Paul Biya is seriously ill and that he will, as usual, be taken care of abroad.

Unlike all the heads of state in the world, the Cameroonian president has remained silent before the threat of the new Coronavirus which has already infected more than 75 people in Cameroon. His contemptuous silence aroused the wrath of Cameroonians who will no doubt understand with this news that Biya is in a bad state, and is not able to hold the rudder at the head of Cameroon. If the decisions attributed to him follow one another on his Tweeter account, his last public appearance dates from 14 days. He then exchanged with the United States ambassador to Cameroon. Nothing has yet been formalized regarding this private trip to Cameroon.